STAMPtember® Exclusive: Newton’s Nook!

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Hi crafty friends! Can you believe we’re into the last week of STAMPtember®?! We hope you love our Newton’s Nook exclusive called, “Bushels of Love“. If you click below you’ll see loads of inspiration with this new stamp set.

Newton’s Nook Designs is made up of a husband and wife team, Jeff and Jen, located in Southern Wisconsin (Go Packers!) Their goal is to provide you with unique and whimsical stamp designs that are fun to use and make you smile!

Newton is Jen and Jeff’s adorable sweet orange tabby cat and the inspiration for Newtons’ Nook name and logo. One of the first stamp designs that Jen sketched was a kitty – just like Newton – so they thought it was fitting that he be the namesake of the company. You can find out more about Newton on his page here.

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Be inspired by Wanda Guess:

Be inspired by Yuki:
SSS STAMPtember NND Bushels of Love_Sneak Peek_HandmadebyYuki

Be inspired by Samantha:
always something to be thankful (fox) card - sneak

Be inspired by Naki:
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 11.28.27 PM

Be inspired by Stephanie:

Be inspired by Jessica:
Bushels of Love Card by Jess Gerstner for Newton's Nook Designs and Simon Says Stamp

Be inspired by Newton’s Nook Mom (Jennifer):
Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 11.33.03 PM

Be inspired by Danielle:
Bushel of Love Sneak Peek_DP

Be inspired by Kimberly Rendino:

Thank you for joining us today as we celebrate an awesome company who also named their company after their furry friend.  We named this company Simon Says Stamp after our beloved Boston Terrier, Simon.  Do you have a pet?  We would love to hear what type of pet and his/her name.  Have an awesome week!!

  1. Absolutely adorable set! Of course the critters are cute, but I also love the mushrooms! I do have a cat, named Rusty. He can be kind of mean (he likes to bite) but he has gotten much better as he has matured (he’s 3 now).

  2. Such a cute set!! I love the cute little fox!! We have a black lab named Aussie and he is a cat in a dog’s body! I swear that he will meow one day! We have (had) a beautiful cat named Jax and he is a cat in a dog’s body! I think they were born in the wrong bodies but are brothers at heart! Jax has been missing since last Wednesday night and I fear that he may not return! My heart is breaking a little more each second that he doesn’t show up! :-(

    1. Oh dear…I feel your pain! I’m an extreme pet owner (according to my DH) and there is nothing worse than ‘not knowing’. Praying that Jax returns home soon.

  3. Adorable set….adorable cards! We have two dachshunds, Dirk and Scout, a cat, Kitty, three border collies, ChaCha, Gus, and Boo along with the horse, C.C., the cows, sheep, goats, and chickens!! I like to think all the birds that come to our feeders are our pets, too, haha!!

  4. Darling set & projects! Love that both of you named your company after your pets! I’m a doggy person through & through–just can’t be without one! We’ve had 5 Standard Schnauzers during our 37 year marriage: Erich, Hans, Keesha, Blitz & now Fritz. He’s a real cutie (I’m not prejudiced) & although I dearly loved them all I have to say he is the best when it comes to almost never barking & stopping when I tell him it’s OK!

  5. Super cute set!! I have 3 furbabies – a beagle named Ruby, a jack russell mix named Ralphie, and a buff tabby cat named Violet! They are the sweetest! <3

  6. I so looked forward to this day! I love Newton’s Nook critters! We had a lovely big grey striped tomcat for 18 years when I was growing up. Mum said he was mackerel coloured. He was quite the individual. He would sit at the top of the stairs and pretend he was going to be sick to get us out of bed when he wanted to be let out in the morning. When the floor was freshly washed, he would walk around the edges so as to not leave footprints across it. We don’t have pets now as we travel and would not want to leave them with strangers. I do adore large dogs and kitties!

  7. Such a sweet set! And it’s neat to learn more about the fabulous folks behind Newtons Nook Designs.
    My baby girl is a 1 1/2 year old Beagle named Kenzie. She’s my joy and I’m so blessed to have her each and every day!!! xoxo

  8. I just wanted to drop in along with my girl shhhh, she doesn’t know she is a lab) Decker to say thank you for the amazing month of inspiration and awesome deals! I look forward to each and every post to see what you could possibly come up with next….and each day there is something new and exciting. Consider me one grateful girl! Decker, too!

  9. This is such an Adorable stamp and die set! Love all of the little critters. Al of the projects are fantastic! We have two fur babies–Josie, she’s a bichon frise and poodle mix (a big fluff ball!), and Houdini, he’s a tabby cat. I am loving Stamptember!!! So many stamps and dies I love/want!! I think Oct 1st I will start saving for next year LOL! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. This stamp set is really adorable, I love all of the cards the designers created with it too, so much inspiration! We have a dog named Lola, I bought her from a breeder, she was supposed to be a 2-4lb black tea cup poodle, but she is grey and weight 12lbs and I’,m not sure exactly what mis she is…but we love her like crazy anyways!

  11. We have a black lab mix named Raisin. Crazy dog and tons of fun.
    Love this set, especially the sentiments and the adorable raccoon.

  12. What an adorable set of images! I just love pets- esp. my beloved Dog, Hailey, who recently passed away (after sharing 17 years of unconditional love). I think it’s really sweet when companies like NN & SSS are named after precious furry family members!

  13. I love, love, love Newton’s Nook! This is such a cute set and I love all of the inspirational cards that you shared!

  14. Loving the cards for this set! I happen to have three tortie kitties who are sisters! Their names are Hazel, Violet, and Irene and you can see them if you check #hazelvioletirene on IG because they have their own hashtag! Happy Monday!

  15. Really cute set, and the cards are just fabulous! We have a standard poodle named Gunner, and a miniature poodle named Diesel.

  16. I love this set. Newton’s Nook is one of my favorite companies because of the cute critters, especially Newton. I had a mini-schnauzer named KC and I lost her 7 years ago. I can’t bear to get another dog because she can never be replaced and I don’t ever want to feel that pain again.

  17. these are so adorable i luv them. i hv a chihuahua mix named Marco Polo, a german shorthair pointer named Storm and an orange tabby cat named Cuddles!

  18. Darling set! I love Newton!
    I have a Siamese cat, Coco, and two birds. Little Bird is a Sun Conure and Clyde is a Cockatoo.

  19. This stamp set is so cute and love the little critters, especially the one in the barrel. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  20. Adorable Fall set from Newton’s Nook! Sweet inspiration as well. I am Fur-Mom to a 6 year old Chocolate Lab – Gingersnap!

  21. The critters are so cute and I like that they have something with them like the stump etc. Such great looking cards too! I had a dog named Charlotte but unfortunately she passed on early this year. Such a difficult thing to go through. We are getting ready to get another one.

  22. Fun and cute set. I have rabbits, chickens, fish and a cat. She’s 19 years old. I swear she sometimes forgets what she was going to do. Some days you can see she is tired and then she wants to play and acts like a kitten again. I know I will still be asking where she is when she is gone. Enjoying the days we still have. Hugz

  23. Love Newton’s Nook, own a couple of their stamps they are so cute – as are the fox and raccoon, of this new stamp set. I have a shih-tzu, she is 5, her name is lolli-pop, she is a single animal in our household, all my children are grown and they believe that my husband and I have spoiled her rotten and taken all our love and given it to her. Don’t know what we’ll do when she leaves us, we do love her so.

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