Witty Wednesday: Ready for a chuckle?

Hi friends! We really love the wit of the folks at Two-Lips! In case you are not familiar with the brand we wanted to share some of our personal faves! Can you relate to any? Which are your favorite??

Witty Wednesday
Witty Wednesday
Witty Wednesday
Witty Wednesday
Witty Wednesday
Witty Wednesday

Thanks so much for popping by the blog today! We hope it gave you a chuckle!

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  1. I am a professional “procraftinator”, just ask my hubby who has become the official “chef” since he retired. I have a gastric disorder where I’m never hungry nor want to eat–so instead of getting hungry I get silly! Crafting and being silly seems to work for me.

  2. LOVE these funny quotes especially the one about procraftinating as I always say that to my husband:)

  3. Hilarious all! My favorite is not enough coffee. I think I may have tried to thread my machine while it was running. Thanks for sharing these.

  4. I laughed at them all! The one that got me is the phone one. My husband is always calling my phone when I can’t fine it. Sure enough it’s usually right next to me under a pile of craft stuff!?

  5. Thanks for the chuckle! My fave of theirs is: That moment when you walk into a spider web and suddenly turn into the KARATE MASTER!

  6. Thanks for making me smile. The sad part is I’ve spent all morning cleaning house — if only I’d heard the work “procraftinating” earlier…

  7. These quotes were just what I needed this morning! The quote about holding the phone and looking for it, hits very close to home! I love it!

  8. I love Twolips!! They are so much fun!! I will spend time sometimes just reading their stamps on their site. So funny!!

    My favorite of the above stamps is the sewing machine one. To cute!!

  9. Hilarious! I’m still giggling about the deodorant stick, though I might not send that to anyone! LOL! :)

  10. Wow these were great…my fav. was the coffee one! But I will have to use the term procraftinating bc that is totally what I do with a day off.

  11. I admire the folks who can think these up! Imagine how much fun it is to work at this company. I have too many relatives that could benefit from the “present” sentiment, so it is on my list of favs.

  12. I had no idea these were on your website! I liked “Thank you for your thank you card” – the endless crafty thank yous!

  13. These quotes are hilarious! I have a lot of friends who would enjoy these, especially the procraftinating one.

  14. I love the quotes from this company! Hahaha….my favorite is the one that says something along the lines of, “I went grocery shopping hungry and wound up the proud owner of Aisle 4” Lol!

  15. I adore Two Lips stamps. All of them give me chuckles and my friends receiving these cards love them. I have many of their witty statements and they are all my favorites!!

  16. Fortunately I can relate more to the Procraftinator than the deodorant user!! So fun! Thanks!

  17. These are all so funny. I’m headed over to see more and I’m sure I’ll be pinning quite a few.

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