Tim Holtz Bell Tower Die with Shari Carroll

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome back to the blog! For the last couple months I’ve been making paper houses to display as decoration for the holidays. I’ve created a Surf Shack, Victorian Manor, Haunted House and Gingerbread house, all very different with various techniques and treatments for you to try.

I worked with the Tim Holtz Bell Tower die to create a clean and simple church to add to village. I wanted to keep it pristine looking so I added soft colored printed papers from the Prima Salvage collection to create a vintage look without being too grungy.


I added thin strips of paper to the sides of the structure to look like shiplap and was pleasantly surprised to see how it looked once I put a battery votive inside. The spaces between the strips allowed the light to glow through.


I have filmed the entire process of how to create my project, you can view the video below or on our YouTube channel HERE.


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I hope I’ve inspired you to create a village for the holidays! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. I really love watching you make these buildings. You make it look so easy and they are all so beautiful. Also like the addition of the shiplap. My ultimate favorite was the haunted house, but I really like them all. Thanks for the very detailed videos.

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I have been making a little house today too! I love the addition of the shiplap, what a brilliant idea!! I will definitely be CASE’ing this :-)

    Lols x x x

  3. This is just stunning! I really love the simple white and the gray pattern paper. I guess I’ve seen these dies online and thought they were very neat bit I didn’t believe that I would be able to put it together and have it come out.Also adding the battery light to the inside never even crossed my mind so now I am off to watch your video because now I am convinced that my die collection my need this new die. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful church! Love all the different houses you make. You are so amazing and I love to see what you create.

  5. I love to make these little buildings.
    the church is so pretty. Would be great for
    many occasions – as well as a decoration for the
    house. thanks for sharing.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Can you believe I bought this set when it was first released and still haven’t played with it yet?!! Think a playtime is due over the holidays. Thanks for the video share. I’m sure it’ll help me. X

  7. Your bell tower is so lovely. I like the little battery operated light so that it shines through, so pretty. Thanks for sharing this project with us.

  8. Gorgeous house addition to the village, I’ve loved seeing them all! So creative, I just love the light glowing through the windows.

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