Summer School with Debby Hughes


Hello and welcome to the last day of summer school! I can’t believe how quickly the past week went! We hope you enjoyed all of the inspiration and ideas that our amazing teachers shared all week! There were so many great ideas of fun ways to use the new Teacher’s Pet collection! I can’t wait to make lunchbox notes and teachers cards this year!

Before we say goodbye to another year of summer school, we have one more amazing teacher with us today. Please welcome Mrs. Debby Hughes to the class to share an awesome school themed project with you!


Hi, Debby here and so excited to be joining you today for Summer School! I’m delighted that my youngest son will have a male teacher for the coming school year so I wanted to give today’s project a masculine edge. The new Hey Teacher stamp set and Teacher dies were just perfect for keeping things clean and simple – just like the guys like, right?

The main focus of the card is a blackboard created using the new Frames dies from the recent This is The Life release. The Frames dies cut a centerpiece and also a great little frame edge too. I cut the smallest frame in the set from Khaki and Black card and white heat embossed the ‘World’s Best’ from Hey Teacher before giving it the chalkboard look with some Unicorn ink. The ruler from the Hey Teacher set is stamped in Memento tuxedo black, Copic colored and trimmed out and acts as a base for the fabulous Teacher die-cut, which was cut from Lipstick Red card. The Frames dies came into their own again to cut two patterned paper pieces to mat to the Khaki card base.


To accompany the card, I made two more frames and added one to a ruled Moleskine notebook and the other to a humorous book on children’s silly written mistakes (Blackboard Blunders). I must admit that the blackboard cover of this book drew me to it but it is also a fun read.


I can’t believe that the schools here go back in little over a week so I better crack on with all those jobs that need doing before then and getting the school uniform up to date is top of the list; I’m sure the summer sun makes them grow a few inches each year! Have fun and enjoy what’s left of your summer although if you are like me then secretly you look forward to the new school year and all those brand new jotters and cute stationary!

I actually made a video of my project, gasp I know LOL. I really should make more videos and I’m glad that for today I managed to get my act in gear. ;)

Summer School wouldn’t be complete without the chance to win some crafty school supplies, right!?


Just leave a comment on this post telling us one of your favorite memories from school! Was it a special teacher or friend, or an awesome achievement that made you really proud! We can’t wait to hear!

Leave your comment here by August 10, 2014 and we’ll randomly select a winner to win the prize pack shown above!

Thank you so much for joining us for summer school this year!


  1. Great card, I love the tiny ruler! Favorite memory from 3rd grade, when my teacher would read the most awesome stories out to the class. I love a good story to this day.

  2. Super awesome cards. Coming to the US from Hong Kong, I was in a lot of English classes to learn how to speak English more clearly. You wouldn’t know it now if you meet me since I have no trace of any accent anymore.

  3. This is absolutely amazing! I love the blackboard label. This is BY FAR my favorite summer school set of classes ever. :)

  4. I think my favourite memory would be playing Macbeth in junior year! I was the second witch, and it was so much fun!

  5. I,love that blackboard look. I always liked helping the teacher grade papers back in the good old days.

  6. Favorite school memory my grade 10 Latin teacher standing at the front of the room shouting “bellum, belli, bello….”. Haha! She was awesome.

  7. Great card! I love that teacher die cut! Favorite memory- in sixth grade we took a field triptych Omsi and stayed overnight on the submarine. (Same sub from the movie ‘Red October’)

  8. I have a lot of great memories from school. Probably one of my favorites was being on drill team and marching at half-time of the football games. It was so fun to be out on the field, marching in formation…but, MAN, our pom-poms were heavy!!! :) Still, tons of fun!!!

  9. One of my favorite memories of school was my favorite grade… the whole year of sixth grade. I had a wonderful teacher who played the guitar. We sang folk songs often and the next year I asked for a guitar for Christmas because of her and I added guitar to the list of several other instruments I already played. She left our school after that year and moved away, but we kept in touch and still exchange Christmas cards and stay up to date on life happenings every year.

  10. When I was in Grade 5 I had my first male teacher. He was pretty good looking so all of my friends and I had a little crush on him! Thanks for the great ideas and video.

  11. The girl’s tea was such fun when I was a senior in high school. We got dressed up & felt so grown up & ready for college! Wonderful work by Debby!

  12. Such a great project! Love the design, absolutely fabulous! I will miss my kids when school starts but it is also a great time of the year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I loved going to the library in elementary school. Our librarian would always have new bookmarks. And can I say Scholastic Book Fair!

  14. Cool card Debbie, love the tiny ruler!
    My favourite memory was my French teacher, Mr Moore … In first year he was a holy terror but by the time we were finishing school, we’d sussed that he was a real softie and definitely the best teacher in school!

  15. I loved having Mrs. Payne as an English teacher for two years in high school. I give her full credit for teaching me how to write great essays which helped me pass my college English classes when so many of my classmates struggled.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. My favorite memory is being a crossing guard before and after school. Helped me become a more responsible student.

  17. my 2nd grade teacher……one of my favs………….would bring me back each holiday season to design originals to decorate her holiday classroom…………made me feel VERY special + grown-up!

  18. Debby’s project are fantastic. My favourite school memory is going back for the first day each year – very exciting

  19. Favorite memory… this one is weird (but so am I!). One of the annoying problems with being in the lower grades was getting across campus. The olders were bigger, taller, and had more attitude. Hormones. Something. One day I got it figured out. Size, gender or anything else wasn’t the key. People peacefully pass around you when you recognize the right to be there. Of course this has nothing to do with being rude or thuggish. It’s simply confidence in yourself and your destination. Wandering has a valuable place. But dodging absolutely everyone and anyone does not.

    1. Mr May, grade 6 teacher was awesome! We threw him a surprise party (last day of school) and left a trail of cheeses in the school hallway. We didn’t know the bag was busted as we ran into the girls bathroom to hide. Anyway, he obviously somehow knew what we were up to and looked the other way when he saw the mess. He played dumb and was very touched.

  20. My favorite teacher was Mr Morgan in 3rd grade.He was patient and funny and made class a joy to attend.

  21. great project! my memory is tying with a fourth grader (as a third grader) for the school spelling bee and winning a kid’s dictionary!

  22. It sounds terrible to say but my favourite school memories are of my friends and our times together. I am still best friends with my best friend from high school!

  23. Oh my, I just thought of the greatest memory from school! One of my junior & senior high teachers (that I loved) used to write our passes or other notes on plain white notecards that she rubber stamped beautiful images on. I always LOVED these & was so excited to see what was stamped on each – Even kept many of them for years. Her little stamped notes were a big reason I fell even more in love with stamping when I was younger.

  24. My favorite memory in high school was when I got my drivers license haha! It was AWESOME! Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  25. Had to laugh at putting the powder on to emboss, taking it off and then adding white ink. What stampers go through for their creations.

    As someone who has ZERO drawing abilities, in 7th grade art class we had to carve tiles for ink printing. Why, I’ll never know, I carved words on mine. It was chosen to be used for the cover of our Christmas music program (back in the day when it was a Christmas program). What were they thinking? The words weren’t straight or even! Those poor, true artists who were passed over.

  26. How fun! I love how your card turned out. I definitely need to practice more on masculine cards.

    My favorite memory is from 3rd grade. Somehow my teacher was able to get the approval to have a sleep over at the school for the entire class. We would play hide and seek, and was able to roam most of the school. Isn’t that awesome?! Was anyone able to do anything like this?

  27. I think my favorite memories would be of elementary school believe it or not. My mom did a lot of volunteering there and ended up getting a job there. I got to know most of my teachers on a personal level as I got older and left to go onto junior high and high school. But I was still in touch with those teachers because of my mom. Several were even invited to my wedding! None are there anymore, most have retired and unfortunately we’ve lost a few. Great memories of my time there!

  28. What fantastic ideas! I always remember my maths teacher, Miss McGuinness, tapping her fist on the blackboard getting her hand all chalky trying to motivate us! Love blackboard inspired crafting! Great giveaway too, Thanks x

  29. Oh, my! I’m new to Debby Hughes and I have to say I’m mighty impressed! thanks for the inspiration….I love watching videos of amazing creations!

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