Solutions for No Clog Fine Tip Precision on Liquid Adhesives by Jennifer McGuire

HI Crafty friends!

Many of you have been asking about tip solutions for your liquid adhesives that is no clog and allows for fine tip precision.  Here is Jennifer McGuire sharing some of her favorite solutions.  We hope this helps you and helps makes your crafting more fun and easy!  Jennifer’s great ideas really helped me, so I asked her to make this video that we could share with you!

  1. Awesome product. A bit on the expensive side but maybe worth it to avoid the frustration of clogged tips. LOL

  2. Back when you first started experimenting, I think you also showed a product by FineLine. Did you have issues that made this one not work out? Thanks for always sharing your great tips!

  3. this was a great video. I watched it on Jennifer’s site awhile back and was able to make some purchases afterwards I was very confident in and have been very happy with!

  4. Wonderful tip idea. I use a baby bottle on my Glossy accents, put it on this yr and have not had a clogged issue ever since. Each use you peel off a part and then get right to using it with no problem.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  5. Thank you Jennifer! I recently bought the Quilled Creations PRECISION TIP, and I was very pleased with it, until I push it too hard and now I can’t remove the cap, LOL, I’m planning on buying another one because it really works well!

  6. Love the precision tips — they’ve worked wonderfully for me as well. But the clothing hang tag didn’t — it got stuck within the metal applicator tip, and when I tried removing it the top tab portion just broke off, leaving the stem stuck (glued) inside the applicator. Won’t be doing that again…

  7. THANK YOU for the update and tips Jennifer :)
    I was geared up to get a bundle of Fineline applicator twin packs and nozzle packs, NOW I will definitely go for the two you have recommended!!!

  8. I saw her tips about the applicators a while ago and bought the fine tip applicators. They work beautifully. Thanks to Jennifer for the great information.

  9. Love the idea of the applicator tips for precision. I just use a straight pin or safety pin to unclog my bottles. It’s annoying, but not a huge challenge.

  10. Got the quilled creation tip and love using it with my matte medium, now I need the tip for my large bottle of glossy accents, hope they’ll soon be back in stock.

  11. Jennifer always does such a great job researching the products and then sharing her knowledge. Great Job Jennifer!!!

  12. WHAT NOT TO DO….. I put a large straight pin in my Glossy Accents, it rusted and made the clog worse. Duh!

  13. Awesome–I also got some of those little eyelash brushes–that works great too –and they are also cool for water coloring tiny areas.

  14. LOVE Jennifer’s Tips and Tricks. Always on top of the best products and cost effective ways to shop.

  15. just one one of the fine tip applicator bottles, cannot wait to fill it up and start using it! TFS!

  16. Thanks for the tips Jennifer. I am a quiller, so I have been using the Quilled Creations precision tip for years now. I have not had a problem with it ever clogging. I did learn the hard way about pushing the little cap on too tightly though! A pair of pliers will usually pull the nozzle out of the cap. Also a great idea…color the cap with a bright permanent marker. That way if it falls off onto your table you can find it much easier!

  17. I’m so so happy to see this – I’ve been fighting with my Glossy Accents clogged cap for weeks! It’s a crafty miracle for sure!

  18. I have seen some of the SSS team use these and have been wanting to get some. Thank you for sharing.

  19. I followed Jennifer’s adhesive advice from her blog spot a few months back and I LOVE the no-clog tips. I actually have 2 small bottles of Ranger Mini Multi Matte Glue. I put a needle point no-clog tip on one bottle and left the other bottle cap as is for larger spaces. I did the same with Glossy Accents except my second bottle is the large bottle for larger spaces. On the needle point tips I sometimes use a stick pin with a bead head to keep the tube clear.

  20. I love the helpful tips Jennifer shares. She’s got a solution for just about everything!! I definitely need to get some of these nozzles.

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