Gina K Designs STAMPtember® 2020 Exclusive Collaboration!


Created by Gina Krupsky
Created by Suzy Plantamura
Created by Nichol Spohr
Created by Crystal Thompson
Created by Cindy Norberg

But wait… there’s MORE!

  1. Just when I think I don’t need any more snowflake stamps, this beautiful set comes out!! Another lovely by Gina K! What a fun set!

  2. Just a gorgeous Stamp! So lovely I had to have it Gina has truly given us a winner and forever favorite with this STAMPtember release. Happy birthday Heidi!

  3. Gorgeous is right! But I need to start pacing myself – I can tell this is going to be the trick this month. We’ll see if it’s still available when I get up.

  4. Everything that Gina K does is always so beautiful. Like that she included Hanakkuh in there as often there are not stamps that depict this.

  5. Wow, this Gina K. release is stunning and so versatile! The card inspirations that I have seen made with it are so beautiful and the set can be used in so many ways!

  6. i wished they would of overstocked the snowflake stamp from Gina K Designs she has so many followers , you left a lot of unhappy people not being able to get the stamp set …what a disappointment .

  7. It is sold out already! How can that be?!? And it is only 10:30 in the morning. So would have liked to have gotten this set.

  8. This set is fabulous. My only regrets was it sold out before I got out of bed this morning. I guess our night owl friends got the first chance to purchase.

  9. Is the Gina Kate exclusive already gone?. I wanted to order it today and I am seeing that it is no longer available.

  10. These sets are all so beautiful, but they sell out way too quickly! Those of us on the west coast have no shot at them unless we stay up late at night for the release time. Seriously, Stamptember used to be fun, but not when stuff is sold out in less than half a day…

    1. Those of us on the east coast who don’t get up at the crack of dawn missed it, too! I subscribe to her blog, saw the post first thing in the morning on my phone, signed on to my laptop, and it was already sold out. In hopes they might make more I sighed up to be notified when back in stock because the form was available under the sold out notice and keep getting notified that it is back in stock, but it’s not. I agree about Stamptember not being fun anymore.

  11. Such a wonderful set. Appreciated the inclusion of Happy Hannakuh. Too bad I missed the opportunity for purchase!

  12. What a beautiful stamp set; just what is needed to begin holiday cardmaking. Thanks for this STAMPtember product. Stay well.

  13. Loved the set and all of the blogs. So disappointed it sold out so quickly. Maybe making an exception and restock this one.

  14. What a beautiful stamp set and such a great collaboration. Glad I was able to order this stamp set before you ran out!

  15. Although this stamp set is gone, watching the inspiration for using the set has given me some ideas on how to use a couple of stamps I already own!!! Thank you SSS

  16. Wish I could have picked up on this set but long work day yesterday online… wish you would get more as I would love to get this set. Enjoyed the inspiration

  17. Hi Stephanie, I’ve been try to get my hands on the snowflake cascade stamp since last year. Hoping a follower or yourself would consider selling me one or charging me a rental fee! Like sisterhood of the travelling stamp set!!! Anyone?

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