Save the DATE! Create 2023 is coming SOON!

More details to come! New to our Create event? Check out the video recap of our last event in 2019!

  1. Any update?? I thought maybe during Stamptember we’d hear about tickets going on sale but now October is half over. Living in Columbus, I’d love to attend and actually get a ticket this time since it sells out so fast.

  2. Would absolutely LOVE to attend this event. SSS you are my favourite on-line store, as I live in Canada I would definitely make the trip to Ohio to come to this! How do I get on the notification list?

  3. I am so excited about Simon Says CREATE! I am going to purchase the event for my two sisters and myself to get together for the first time in 8 years to play. I live in AZ and they both live in Ohio. We have not played together since 2014 when our beloved mother passed away nor have we seen each other since 2015! I cannot wait!

  4. Can someone please tell me how much the tickets were the last time this was held?? I need to get some sort of an estimate. I kind of have a strict husband and need something to tell him. The Hotel is going to be $780.00 the flight $700.00 I just need to know If it’s going to be over $500 for the tickets. When do they usually go on sale? HELP PLEASE.

  5. Is there an update on if this even is really happening? I’ve had the money saved forever but feel like tickets have gone on sale way before now for previous years. An update would be great so we can spend the saved money on something else if it’s not happening.

  6. Any idea when tickets go on sale and how much they will be? Kind of interested in going myself. Also, who will the teachers be?

  7. Any updates on the event since it’s now end of January 2023. I’ve missed this twice now due to tickets selling out. Really want to go this year.

  8. Would love to be on a notification list for the Create workshop…have been to 3 other “Creates” and am hoping to make it on this one….
    Can we register for ourselves and a guest? Thanks so much for doing this I can’t imagine the work required!

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  11. Are you planning to do this event next year 2024? I am in Colorado. I will like to know ahead of time to get my airplane tickets :-)

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