Save the DATE! Create 2023 is coming SOON!

More details to come! New to our Create event? Check out the video recap of our last event in 2019!

  1. Oh! I have never heard of this until now but definitely COUNT ME IN!! Whoop Whoop! Here I come Ohio in 2022, although I will be there this coming September for a few weeks to visit some of my family and friends. My dear husband and I used to live in a suburb of Cincinnati. We love ? it there.

  2. Looking forward to this event! I have been wanting to go and hopefully this will be my year! Hope I’m quick enough to get a ticket!

  3. I want to start this process. Does anyone know the approx cost of the weekend? When in the fall is the ticket available?

    1. I have been to the last two, and if I recall correctly tickets were about $700., which does not cover hotels or food. The have a wonderful pop-up store in which I spent at least twice what I paid for my ticket, so bring spending money. Note: shopping and “make and takes” are free and open to the public, so it gets very crowded. What you get for your ticket, is 4 classes that are about 2 to 2.5 hours long, with famous crafters like Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Wertz, Gina K. and Tim Holtz, and everything you need for the class is supplied, plus a cool give away bag at the end filled with goodies.

      1. Thank you for this info! I keep checking back at this post to see if there is any information on the date the tickets will go on sell. :)

      2. hi thanks 4 the info i have never been 2 one and i live in indiana so this ohio one would be kind of close 4 me. being disabled and on a very fixed income i just might be able 2 swing it if i start saving now it will be awful hard though as i will have 2 also cover motel an food if anyone here’s the exact ticket cost plz let us know thx. also my 61st bday is on apr. 3 so this would make a nice bday present 2 myself

  4. Hi, My friend and I have tried for tickets and we’ve never made it. We would love, love, love to be there. We’ve made cards together in Georgia, Arizona, and Italy! We need the atmosphere that SSS produces!!!

  5. Are tickets available to the public to purchase? How do you purchase a ticket or did I miss something?

    Thank you

  6. I have been trying to get more information about Create 2022, but have not been successful in my search. Is this event still going to be put on or is it cancelled. Please let me know. Thank you.

  7. Since the advertisement says tickets will be available in the fall, and the last day of fall this year is December 20th, I’m hoping ticket purchasing opens in the next 4-5 weeks! Very excited!

    1. The previous Creates were held at the Nationwide Conference Center in Lewis Center, OH. Not sure if this one will be or not.

  8. This would be a dream! Enjoyed the 2 others my mom & I attended. Great lodging and sweet ladies in attendance. I hope Kelly Marie from Lawn Fawn is there; she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. The couple from Newton’s Nook were so nice, as well! Quality products! It’s just a really nice weekend, and I’m so looking forward to the opportunity to return! A side trip to the Columbus Zoo nearby was a treat also!

    1. No, I attend with my mom, but she just does the shopping and make n takes, so I do the classes and some shopping on my own too.

  9. I would like to purchase 2 tickets for this event as Christmas gifts. Will the tickets be available before December 24th?

  10. Can’t wait. The 2019 show was the best stamp convention I have ever been to. Have been looking every year and was so excited to see that you will be back in 2022. I hope I get the notification soon. Yay….

  11. Huh? All of a sudden it is 2023? Can you be a little less mysterious about this? I have been checking every day for months now.

    1. Same. Have the money saved up and have checked and rechecked since like July!!! Of it can’t happen this year that’s fine but why not just say that? I’ve just had $1000 set aside for nothing it seems.

  12. I’m sorry but I’m confused… one time this was 2022 and now it’s 2023? I asked over the holidays when tickets for 2022 would be on sale and I was told to watch for it soon. It seems the date was just changed without really saying 2022 wasn’t happening? It this the case??

  13. Looks like the year has changed from 2022 to 2023. Although I can totally understand postponing the event due to Omicron, it would have been nice to have some sort of announcement so we could cancel hotel reservations already made and get a refund for airline tickets purchased for 2022. I already made travel arrangements—even if I wasn’t lucky/fast enough to get tickets to the event, I would have attended the public make & takes and shopped, shopped, and shopped some more. Just my two cents.

  14. I Live in Westerville about 5 minutes from SSS, would love to attend. Have trouble traveling lately, so this would be perfect!

  15. Hummmm, My hubby has family in Ohio… I am sure I can convince him we need to go to visit and fi it happens to be on the same timeline as this event…. :) wiggling my eyebrows…

  16. I live in a suburb of Columbus. I absolutely will be there!! How do I get more information? It’s on my calendar!

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