Hi readers! Happy Thursday to you! I’m excited to bring you this ADORABLE card from our Wednesday Challenge team member Caryn Davies. She’s super talented, and has such a great accent! I’m American and without an accent so.. I love it!! :) This adorable card features the Mama Elephant Pandamonium Stamp and Die set along with some adorable bright Springtime card stock from Doodlebug!

Be sure to watch the video, and enjoy!


Watch the video:


Thanks for reading today, and thanks to the fantastic and fabulous Caryn for being our guest designer today!


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  1. What an absolutely delightful card! With panda bears and doddlebug paper, this card would be welcomed by everyone. Very cute!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win blog candy!


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  3. This delightful card showcases the Mama Elephant Pandamonium Stamp and Die set, along with some vibrant Springtime cardstock from Doodlebug. The combination Infinite Fusion Calculator of these elements creates a cheerful and playful design that perfectly captures the essence of spring.

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