Holiday Shipping Volumes: An Update

This year has had its hurdles but we remain committed to keeping your crafty juices flowing!

Retailers saw record setting growth in their online sales in 2020 and the increase in holiday volume has pushed carriers past their breaking point. Covid-19 has exacerbated this problem as carriers scramble to maintain a full and healthy workforce. Shipping delays are commonplace both here in the USA and abroad. Our shipping partners are no exception. With the increased rate of online orders needing to be shipped to their forever homes, our carriers are being inundated with packages to deliver and this has resulted in transit delays and delayed visibility by way of online tracking.

Our warehouse itself is not experiencing any delays and our pick, pack and ship operation is currently on schedule. Rest assured, we are doing everything we can on our end to ensure your orders arrive in a timely manner. We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience while waiting for the arrival of your crafty goodies. Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

Happy Holidays from the Simon Says Stamp Family!

  1. Thank you for the public update! My son is a postal service worker and he’s been working so many hours of overtime and explained about the redirection of mail when there’s nomore room at facilities. I even got a sticker on a package that said “looped mail” on it! (not from SSS) I know it’s “out of your hands” when it goes postal especially with a mass mailing all at once. I love it when it arrives…like opening a Christmas present every time! ;)

    1. Thank you, Debby! Kudos to your son! We appreciate his hard work! Thank you for the kind words and the great explanation! :)

  2. I emailed your Customer Service about a long delayed order and Jesta gave a very detailed explanation about how things were moving (or not moving) through the USPS system, which was extremely helpful. Thanks for the update, we all need to be patient.

  3. I knew when I placed my orders that I would have to wait an exceptionally longer time than normal, due to COVID, for my orders to get to Australia. But to have my orders sit for two weeks and have nothing happen with them is disappointing. If I lived in America, it wouldn’t be so bad but, as an international customer, it’s so far an extra two weeks added to an already long process under normal circumstances. While I realise nothing is normal anymore, I guess I just keep waiting.

  4. Thanks MUCH Simon Says Stamp for all you are doing to fill our orders and keep them rolling to us. I messaged you yesterday about an order that I placed several weeks ago. My concern was that the order itself might have gotten lost in the Black Friday shuffle since you had some great sales at that time & I’m sure the volume of orders was HUGE, I’ve placed a couple of orders since that had been filled and shipped so my concern as I said was that, that particular one might have gotten lost. I was relieved to learn that my order was waiting on something in it and it’s on it’s way to me. I am totally aware that a slogged down shipping system is out of your hands. I’ve been waiting for a package (not from SSS) that was guaranteed to be to me on the 7th (it wasn’t) it wouldn’t be so bad if it was for me, but it’s a gift for my grandchild, kids don’t really understand the US Postal System and it’s inability to control the heavy volume of packages and mail. I live in MO and a major hub in the KC area is short staffed and has been hit hard with/by Covid and is understaffed (as per what we are being told by our local PO) – What is of MOST IMPORTANCE is that you at SSS are managing to stay healthy – wishing you and your staff a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a MUCH BETTER 2021 for all of us.

  5. Thats all well and good, but why bring out another kit, … isnt that just clogging the mail system more? I won’t be ordering the new kit, since I have yet to get last months.

  6. Got the order just now that I ordered about a week or so after the missing in action one that so far traveled to Pennsylvania to return to Columbus to be shipped on again…still wish Heidi would consider a “ will Call” pick up window I only live about 8 miles from you and I’d bring Starbucks or a pizza or whatever… seriously…got a my order will be delayed message again today… really? Again… it was ordered on dec 4 picked up on the 8 th and then toPennsylvania and then on and on. Happened before but to Cinci for a couple of weeks…nit your fault but a drive up window would be EXCELLENT….I try to only order from y’all and Ted at Stampers Anonymous but at least Ted answers the phone and they ship really quickly and if I were closer to Cleveland could pick up if a food gifts were involved I’m sure….

  7. You folks have been phenomenal in getting the job done. I have been an Ohio resident for 33 years and I am delighted to have a company such as your in Ohio. I have a life threating disease that has caused me to live like a hermit in these days of COVID. I will not ever complaint again of of living on a fixed income that comes with a disability. Because of that my entire stimulus check from April was spent at SSS. Come on stimulus check #2. Be happy, be healthy, stay save!

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