Save the DATE! Create 2024 is coming SOON!

(Editor’s note: Student tickets AND General Admission tickets are SOLD OUT!! Thank you!! We can’t WAIT to see you all at CREATE!)

More details to come! New to our Create event? Check out the video recap of our last event earlier this year!

  1. I had such a FANTASTIC time at SSS Create 2023- my first time! I swear I have thought every other day about it for 2024

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    1. Last year it was at the Nationwide Hotel and Conference Center. Convenient and a very nice place. There are other hotels in the area also.

    1. Last year the tickets went on sale on January 27. I remember the date as I was coordinating moving to our new office for our company. Tickets went fast as I bought mine and tried to get another an hour later and it was sold out!

      1. Do you recall how much the tickets cost? This would be my first year, possibly attending. Also, is it for cardmakers or scrapbookers or both? Thanks!

  3. This looks fun- curious for past attendees, what is a rough estimate of the cost of the tix?
    I’d also have to fly- suggestions of what to bring for supplies? Knowing me, I’d rather have a suitcase of paper and supplies than of clothes! 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I am so excited for the opportunity for my friend and I to take a road trip from SC to Create. Please let me know when the tickets are available so we can make arrangements for this great event.

  5. Create 2023 was fabulous – meeting the manufactures reps and designers was awesome. I had never been – but am anxiously waiting for tickets to go on sale – thank you for doing this – it is no small feat I am sure

  6. I have wanted to attend this for several years- never fast enough to get a ticket. I will try again this year.Hope I see the notice when they go on sale

  7. When will tickets go on sale. Missed out last year. Wish the venue where you could buy items was bigger. It was so crowded last year and didn’t get a chance to do any of the sample events because of the crowds.

  8. Last year our craft group made the trip from Dearborn, Michigan to the create event, we just we’re there for the day. We were very excited to meet Gina k and Jennifer McQuire along with so many other designers. We were very impressed with this event. It was crowded because it was the first event since the shut down. We got to meet designers for all the company’s. I have already booked 2 nights at the hotel where it is held. We are hoping to get tickets but if we don’t cause they sell out so quickly. We will still have fun at the event for make and takes and meet the designers from the different companies. Oh yea! Don’t for the shopping! It’s worth a road trip for this event.

  9. Curious about what our Create events are all about? Check out the video recap of our last event earlier this year! Get a glimpse of the fun, creativity, and camaraderie that awaits you at Create 2024.

  10. Only 13 weeks away, which is cutting it close for reasonable prices for flights. Looking forward to a list of instructors and ticket availability.

  11. HI – I’m seeing lots of questions asked here and no responses from SSS.

    Can you please let us know when to expect tickets sales to start?

  12. I’m baffled as to why they never address questions asked by their loyal customers about this event. Also why they encourage booking the hotel before even knowing if we got tickets. Surely they know when the tickets will go on sale. At least share that date! I love SSS but really don’t understand the thought process.

        1. Thanks. When I inquired some time ago, I was told to subscribe to the blog to stay updated. As of now, I haven’t seen anything posted.

  13. I don’t have the foggiest idea if I am posting in the right spot, but here goes. I’ve been trying for five years to get a ticket to create. Have not been successful. Some people say they have gone to create without a ticket. What do you do if you do not get a ticket?

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      1. I understand the Create it Take it projects are awesome. These are on the vendor floor. And of course great shopping

  15. Where do you purchase tickets? Just watching the video and they said part B is already sold out. Very frustrated and sad they don’t tell where to go for tickets. Especially since they just went live.

  16. Very disappointed, saw the video about create2024 today, sold out! Shouldn’t advertise it if not available!

  17. Very disappointed….love Gina and Jennifer…. just discovered this possibility… And it’s already sold out. Thought I could see my friends there at this create. But guess I won’t be going and ever inviting my friends to go with me.

    1. Terri you should still go. I went last year and didn’t have tickets for the classes and still had an excellent time! There are SO many make takes you can spend all day making cards…. Different make n takes for both days. It’s also great to be able to look at products from all the companies in real time and not on the computer. You’ll also still have the opportunity to meet Jennifer and Gina and a lot of other folks we watch on videos… I wasn’t able to get class tickets this year either and I’m definitely still going this year!

  18. I have an STUDENT ticket – Group A, but looking to swap with someone in Group B. If you’re interested, please leave a comment here. Need to resolve by Tuesday, March 12. Thanks!

  19. I’m interested in two tickets for general admission for eithe Friday or Saturday if someone can’t attend.

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