Have you seen the NEW SimonSaysStamp.com?


NEW + Improved!

We’ve relaunched our website!

Some things to note in this change:

  • Safety first! To ensure privacy on our new site, please update your password on your current Simon Says Account! Reset password now by clicking HERE.
  • Paypal users, we do apologize, but there may be a slight delay in time that we can accept Paypal to process orders. Rest assured, it will be back and available soon!
  • Your account history will be starting fresh on our new site.  We are working to make this information accessible to you in about 2 weeks.   If you would like this information emailed to you in the meantime, please email customer service: [email protected].

Thank you for your support!  We value you very much!

  1. The new site looks fantastic! So much cleaner and I love the categories along the top. I know that had to take a lot of hard work and you guys should be proud!

  2. Nice looking site. Finding the new project list not as easy to use as the old wish list. Can not add out of stock items. After spending time last weekend updating my wish list for a new project and finding out this evening the list is gone. I think a pad and paper will be easier in the future.

  3. The web site looks great, however…….the website made me change my password in order to log in. You sent me a password via email. I used it to log in and it worked fine, however, I will never remember it and would like to change my password. How do I go about doing that? Also I cannot enter my address as it will not let me fill in the state and country portion but it is a required field. Even trying to send you a comment from the website is giving me problems. I filled in Please Email me Back in the Related to field and it is telling me its required and won’t accept “please email me back”. I’m not sure why its not working.

    1. you go to my account and then profile details…in profile details it allows you to put in a new password

  4. Fab new site!!!
    I have already set up a WISH LIST in my Project Lists :)
    Not tried to buy anything yet, will wait for PayPal but have enjoyed my navigating around so far.
    One question, is there an easy way to find stamps with their coordinating dies? … no need to answer, I am sure that I will work it out soon.

  5. Well I have no idea how everyone is getting onto this site because I sure can’t..is there a secret??

    1. I’m asking myself the same thing. I’ve been trying to access it since yesterday and all I get is “Our online store is currently closed for maintenance. Please visit us again soon.” or “HTTP 404 ::: File Not Found’

  6. Love the new website … the font style is so pleasing to look at. The search feature is excellent.

  7. I am a new fan of Simon and love the product… The new spring stamps are great. Watercolor class looks fun.

  8. LOVE THE NEW SITE!! I was finally able to get on this morning and it’s amazing! I do miss the wish list, but hopefully that’ll be coming later. Thank you so much for listening to our suggestions!

  9. I think you still have some work to do.
    When I go to “Brands and Designers” => then choose Copic under “favorite brands” the “products found” page lists nothing. If you are not carrying Copic markers anymore you shouldn’t be showing that logo. If you are carrying Copic markers the page should list what you carry… preferably subdivided by marker type, sets etc.

  10. Love the navigation of the new site!!! Such an improvement over the old one, but I miss the ease of the old “Wish List” feature (sort of a pain having to pick a list from the pull down menu). Also when I logged in and tried to back track to the item I was looking at to add to my project list, it didn’t recognize that I had just logged in so I had to go through a number of pages to re-find my item which was a bit of a pain.

  11. I wandered around yesterday a little bit and it looks great!! The only problem I had with it was that I wanted to put an item that was out of stock into my project list and it wouldn’t let me. I hope that will be one of the tweaks in the future.

  12. I have a question. When I add out of stock items to my project list is shows that they are being added to my list, but when I go to my list they are all missing which seems odd since you have a specific column to say if they are in stock or not. Will these items pop up on my list when they become available at a later date or do I need to hold onto a list of items to remember to add to my list when they do become available? If the latter is the case, that could use some improvement because I just spent a great deal of time transferring over my old wish list and I would say 25% or more of the items are currently out of stock… :(

    1. How did you “transfer over your wish list.” .. I had multiple lists for different categories of items &I had a “wish” list named PURCHASED to help me keep track since SSS is my main supplier. Now it’s ALL gone unless there’s some secret way to recover it???

  13. Love the new site! I find pinning things to pinterest so easy now. For some reason it never worked for me on the old website!

  14. Well I know change is not always easy…I don’t like it at all in this case. I can’t even view it in a desktop version on my mobile phone. There are also so many other issues I don’t even want to take the time to list them all. It’s a shame because I visited this site at least once a day & always shop here. Very sad!

  15. It looks great, but really can’t believe you just wiped out my wish list!! So useful, I will never remember it all, I worked a lot off mine and wonder – could you not have warned us so we could have taken the items down and been ready for this new system. You have our email address so it would have been so nice to have had a chance to keep this information.

  16. I don’t mind change (and there was a lot about the old site I didn’t like, so I’m already a fan of the new one) – but I can’t believe my old wish list is gone! Arg. So not a happy camper right now.

  17. Agree with everyone on the wishlist! Where has it gone??? I have now lost my shopping list. I think it would have been better if you could have warned us.

  18. Oy.. I’ve been searching for hours and I can not find “My Project List”. Somebody, please let me in on the secret… you don’t know how much I would appreciate it! Thanks! :)

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  20. I can not change my password. It says there is no record of me being in SSS system.
    Do I have to create a new account?

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