Have you seen the NEW SimonSaysStamp.com?


NEW + Improved!

We’ve relaunched our website!

Some things to note in this change:

  • Safety first! To ensure privacy on our new site, please update your password on your current Simon Says Account! Reset password now by clicking HERE.
  • Paypal users, we do apologize, but there may be a slight delay in time that we can accept Paypal to process orders. Rest assured, it will be back and available soon!
  • Your account history will be starting fresh on our new site.  We are working to make this information accessible to you in about 2 weeks.   If you would like this information emailed to you in the meantime, please email customer service: [email protected].

Thank you for your support!  We value you very much!

  1. Congrats on a new blog! I already checked it out and I couldn’t sign in with my old password and I tried to register with a new password and it said my email already exists. I didn’t see a reset password option…what am I doing wrong?

  2. I thought your page looked fresh and different. Not being able to log in confirmed it. By the time I realised I couldn’t get my history or wish list I was rushing for the blog to get the low down. So glad you let us know what was going on there! It looks great and is all worth it. I’m sure the changes are not only skin deep and will only be building on your already excellent service!


  3. I was able to reset my password — click on “Forgot Password” link on the bottom of the login, and it will e-mail you a new password.

    However, I can’t seem to change my password from that. No matter what I put in, it tells me that it does not meet the security guidelines. Can you please tell us what the security guidelines are? I’ve tried letters and combinations of letters and numbers, but no luck so far.

    1. yes, i’m very sad that my wishlist is gone……..had lots of items on it that i wanted to buy at a future date. Most sad. hopefully it will be restored.

  4. I am having a sign in problem as well with the old password and the site won’t let me set a new one!

  5. Having sign in problem…states it is a fake site..got a security warning…just thought you would like to know….tried to go to website and got an error message.

  6. Hi! New site is beatuful! (try to get used to it) But now my account isn’t exist!(( I can’t reset pasword or anything else… “Your username could not be found!” So sad…

  7. Love, love, love the look of the new website! Woo, hoo!

    I am also having trouble with the “here” link. My computer brings me to a warning that says “the connection may not be secure.” Totally understand there will be a few kinks to work out but I am so excited for all of you at SSS and for all of us shoppers and fans too! ♥♥♥

  8. I happened to have a bunch of items in my cart and was able to find the old website, so I quickly went through checkout and used my Paypal account. Everything worked alright and I did receive a confirmation number. Whew! Hope that was okay to do!

  9. Wow it looks really cool. But I am having trouble getting around the site. I cant view images. I click on tabs and they aren’t visible. Maybe too many people at once? I will check back when things whined down. But Congrats anyways I cant wait to play around with it!!

  10. Here is what Firefox is telling me when I try to login to the new website:

    http://www.simonsaysstamp.com uses an invalid security certificate.
    The certificate is only valid for store02.prostores.com
    (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)

    Just thought you should know – maybe it will help???

  11. I can’t help but wonder about the Wish List, too. I had a lot of things in mine and now there doesn’t seem to be one anywhere on this new site? Will it be added later on with all our old info?
    The site looks good,though. Hopefully all the kinks will get sorted out soon!

  12. Barb, I had to do the same as you – went ahead and checked out with my current cart. Think I’ll wait to make sure there are no real security problems since I am getting that message too. Really leary of things like that right now!

  13. Sorry if I’m being dense about this, but how do we see the status of current orders? I’ve placed an order yesterday which doesn’t show up in the new website (as you mentioned in your blog post). Will we be emailed tracking numbers now when the order ships? I had to grab them from my order history before.


  14. I hope you can retrieve the wish list. That was my go to place for ordering. This will be a better website for sure, but we must go through getting the kinks out!

  15. I was able to use the link in the blog on my cell phone, but not on the computer. It is giving me the same error message as the ladies above.

  16. Do you realize that that your home page has 449 images on it and is OVER 6MB? That’s kind of insane. Not everybody has a fast internet connection.

  17. Love the new website! Sure hoping the wish list returns as that’s how I place my orders! Happy to have reset my password too!

  18. The website doesn’t load any images for me, and I have a really good internet speed. Was going to place an order but nothing works for me, so I guess I will wait to see if the website works another day..

  19. I came back to try again and now when I click the photo above, or the “click here to shop @ Simon” logo, I am taken to the old website. Hmmm? Can’t get to the new site at all.

  20. I had no issues resetting my password. First request a new temporary password with “forgot your password”. The just go to “profile details” under your account and put in the new password you want to use.

    I am liking the new layout. It will take a lot faster to find things!

  21. YAY!! Yippee! Woo, hoo! It finally worked and the site looks AWESOME!!! I’m off to take a long, close-up tour of the place!

    Thank you, Heidi and all of you at SSS, for your hard work! So happy for everyone! :)

  22. Absolutely LOVE the new design! It’s amazing!
    Although was disappointed to lose my wishlist.. I have my orders history in my inbox in case I need to recall it. But wish list.. I have like no memory at all so save everything to a wislist. How will I know now want I wanted to purchase? …
    Also wished the new site version had “notify by email” option to know when desired supplies are back to stock.
    Items that are out of stock aren’t marked somehow in the search results page. Need to go on a supply page to see it. Kind of inconvenient.
    Sorry for all this critics. I love your shop and you’re the number one for me to buy supplies. Just wanted the site was a little bit more convenient to use.

  23. New site – so much better on usability! Love it.
    #1 complaint – my wishlist is gone – this make me REALLY sad as my ‘high priority’ item in my amazon wish list is to go to this site and search for my wish list :) (everyone automatically goes to my amazon wishlist to buy me things).
    #2 complaint – it doesn’t have my card kit subscription.
    I’m sure you’ll get the kinks worked out!

    1. Should also add that if I go to ‘Simon Releases’ Simon stamps the ‘search’ returns nothing at all, I can’t see your stamps sets.

  24. A work in progress… I know you’ll continue to tweak and improve.
    PLEASE add an option for mobile users to click for the full site.
    Usually this is put at the bottom of the page.
    Imperative for your tablet and advanced smartphone customers!

  25. The cart that I hadn’t submitted is gone. My wish list, with over 100 items in it is gone. :( I can’t even begin to remember what I’d put there…

    I try to add things to a Project List, the product page tells me I have added them, but when I check the Project List they aren’t there. *weeps softly*

    Also, it takes waaaay to many clicks to get to the Project List[s] to even view it [them].

    Here’s hoping that the issues are only temporary, because I really want to *love the new site, but I’m not feeling it right now. :(

    1. MARA – After you’ve logged in, go to the top of the page and click “my account.” Then look over to the left where you’ll see “project lists.” Should only be two clicks.

  26. MARA – After you’ve logged in, go to the top of the page and click “my account.” Then look over to the left where you’ll see “project lists.” Should only be two clicks.

  27. won’t let me change password says password doesn’t meet minimum security requirement, tried numbers caps lowercase nothing works… i had a load of items in my basket ready to checkout and i can’t find my wish list… :o(

  28. Just keep getting error messages when I click the link…or when I enter the web address, get that the wehsite is closed for maintenance. :( No where to log in!

  29. Hi readers!

    Thank you for your comments & questions!

    Allow me to please point you to some trouble shooting solutions;

    To ensure privacy on our new site, please update your password on your current Simon Says account! Reset your password now by following this link: http://ow.ly/w3bsi

    We are working as hard as we can to make the features you love (wishlist, account history, etc.) accessible to you, please just allow us a little bit of transition time to do so :)

    We appreciate your patience as we work through a few changes in the new site and work towards getting you the most efficient and user friendly shopping experience we can!

  30. Same as Deb. Will I loose everything in my cart and my wish list, have been adding things for Mothers Day. Was planning to but in an order but can’t even get on the site let alone log in…please help!

  31. Love Love Love the new website!! The only thing that I will really miss is MY order history, because it allowed me to go back and see older orders and to also make sure I did NOT duplicate items. I will be asking to have mine emailed!!

    Also hope you have the PayPal issues fixed soon, since I use that online always and feel it’s the safest way to shop!! Luckily, I placed an order on the old site last night, and I’m set for now!!


  32. Great looking new website!! I have cruised around a bit and can see where there are glitches and I’m sure those will eventually be worked out. Pretty quickly I realized that the “Wish List” was replaced by the “Project List”. However, I want to be able to add an item to my project list even though it may be out of stock and currently it won’t let me. A list is a list, hopefully this can be tweeked. Also it seems the menus above don’t always bring up products, I found I had to type into the search field to get things to appear.

    Thanks! Once again, it looks great, HUGE improvement.

  33. Thank you for the newest information, Stephanie! Really appreciate how hard you are all working to get the rest of the features of the new site working for all of us!

  34. It looks great! I had no problems getting in once I reset my password. I came on today to buy the things I had put in my wish list yesterday and **POOF** it was gone. And I don’t remember what I had in there….oh well! The page does look good though!

  35. The site looks great and I’m sure all of the minor issues will fall into place soon. I’m not so worried about my wish list – i’ll just make another (good excuse to look around!!). I did notice however that it says I’m not subscribed to the card kit – – – and I am. Is this something that will sort its self out or do I need to do something?

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