Double Masked Watercoloring

Hi all! Kristina Werner here. :)

Today I have a new technique for you that I’m calling Double Masked Watercolor. It’s a fun way to use your dies with watercoloring.

As you may have discovered, you cannot use regular masking paper with watercolor. The masking paper cannot handle water. However, the Double Masking technique adds masking fluid to the equation, allowing you to use dies as masks…


The first part of the double mask is a diecut “stencil” made from masking paper (I used the Big U dies). With the stencil temporarily adhered to the watercolor paper, you quickly paint masking fluid over the top. Immediately (before the masking fluid can dry) remove the masking paper. Then you have a liquid masking fluid shape that it exactly like your die!

For more explanation, please watch my video below. :)


For the card above, I used the positive mask to paint around the letter U with masking fluid (leaving the interior exposed to the paint once the paper mask is removed). And the on the card below, I used the negative mask to paint the masking fluid inside of the letter U.


Let us know in the comments if you try out the technique! :)

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  1. Great technique. Amazing price on the Koi Field watercolour set at SSS! I bought mine a few years ago at Amazon and paid over $50. They are a bit opaque but fabulous for travelling light.

  2. I’m so glad you included a video on this one! Your cards are so fun and I was glad to watch the process. I purchased a Molotow masking pen and tried it once and it turned out to be one big hot mess and haven’t tried it again since. Thanks for inspiring me to give it another try.

  3. Love the video Kristina! I have not seen this techniques before and you made it seem very accessible for someone like me with limited ‘ability’. LOL

  4. I LOVE WATERCOLOR!!!!!! I also love the way you used both pieces of the masking paper to make 2 cards. I try not to have scraps because they don’t get used and I hate waste. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh my good gravy … yep … a great new technique to try … can’t wait to share this with my card crafting friends … they are gonna love it!

  6. Definitely one of those Oh wow moments. Thanks for sharing – I had been wondering how to watercolour with my dies and now I know how! Thank you, thank you …. :-)

  7. I have loved watching you use the masking fluid. My next order will have that item on it. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the inspiration!

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