Did You Know? Fun Facts and Crafty Tips! January 2020

Hello crafters, it’s Shari Carroll here with you! Today I have a new edition of our popular Did You Know series!

If it’s your first time seeing this feature, each month we bring you fun facts, creative tips and even crafty hacks about your favorite supplies and brands; you can then use these awesome tips that you learn in your next crafting projects! Are you ready to learn some fun tricks? Keep on reading!

Tim Holtz Glass Media Mats

I love using the Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat. I do a lot of Mixed Media, Art Journaling, and cardmaking. The glass surface is easy to clean up after messy projects. I use hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol to clean dried paints, adhesives, and alcohol inks. The glass is heat resistant so I don’t have to worry about my work surface underneath when embossing.

The original mat is 14″ x 23″ with a 12″ x 14″ measuring grid and white 7.5″ x 11″ mixing palette area located under the non-stick mat.

The travel mat measures 15.75″ x 10.25″ with an 8″ x 8″ measuring grid and white 5.5″ x 7.5″ mixing palette area located under the non-stick mat.

Bonus: This mat comes with a beautiful protective case. Both size mats come in left and right-handed. There are replacement non-stick mats available too!

Word Mix Stamps and Dies

This is such a brilliant idea from Kristina Werner. Word mix stamps come in 4″x6″ (Word Mix 1) and 6″x8″ (Word Mix 2) clear sets. Each set has 2 large stamps with several greetings of various themes, shapes, sizes, and styles to be stamped all at once.

The matching die fits the stamped images perfectly to cut out shapes and tags, also to be die-cut all at once. Amazing, right? These are a time saver!!

Reverse Sentiment Strips

Our sentiment strips have been wildly popular and to keep up with the trend of white embossing on black paper, we now have black strips with white messages.

They come in a variety of themes, ready to be cut and added to your cards.

These sentiment strips can still be used with our Sentiment Label Dies for precise cutting.

Kaisercraft Die Release Paper

Have you ever been frustrated with trying to clear out the little bits of paper from and intricate die? Let me introduce you to the Kaisercraft Die Release paper. Wow, this paper will make a world of difference for you.

You place this paper between your cardstock and die, run it through your machine and you can simply tap away the bits of paper from the die.

The package looks wide but it contains two rolls that fit perfectly across an A2 card. BONUS: My plates have been used quite a bit and sometimes leave marks on my cardstock from prior die-cutting. Having this barrier paper in place smooths out the defect from my plates.

Simon Says Stamp How to Series of Videos

Did you know that we have a specific YouTube playlist that has 128 “How-To” videos (to date) with a plethora of topics! We have tips and tricks for beginners such as how to mount, ink up, and care for your clear stamps. We have techniques of all kinds, plus product comparisons and new product highlights.

We keep these videos short so we can focus just on the topic at hand. Check them out if you haven’t already. You’re bound to find something that will help make your cardmaking easier.

I hope this month’s edition of Did You Know was helpful with your cardmaking and projects! Thanks for stopping by and spending some time with me today!

Kaisercraft DIE RELEASE Paper T332
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Tim Holtz Tonic GLASS MEDIA MAT 1914e
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Simon Says Stamp WORD MIX 2 Wafer…
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Simon Says Clear Stamps LOVE AND…
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Simon Says Clear Stamps CHRISTMAS…
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RESERVE Simon Says Clear Stamps…
[ SSS ]
Simon Says Clear Stamps THANKS AND…
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Simon Says Stamp WORD MIX 1 Wafer…
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  1. I LOVE my TH glass media mat, too. I just wish that there was a magic coating that didn’t allow adhesive sheet sticky stuff to stick to it. Now that would make it perfect.

    1. Sharon, I don’t have this mat but anytime I need to get sticky tape off of glassware that I buy, I use Skin So Soft oil (from Avon) on a cotton ball and a very easy rubs removes it every time. I hope this tip helps you and others who may not have tried it before.

  2. I love this feature. It’s helpful as a product showcase, summary and the descriptions and tips are very helpful. I really appreciate every issue and hope it continues.

  3. So happy there’s FINALLY a left handed version of the media mat! We lefties are sick of turning everything upside-down and being forced to think backwards. Thank you, Tim!

  4. Interesting, I’ve been using Sizzix’s release paper for intricate dies but the Kaisercraft looks to be a better value!

  5. Before Tim’s glass mat came out, I purchased a white glass media mat by Tonic and it’s perfect for my desk top. I love it for all the reasons you mentioned about Tim’s, especially no worry about marring the surface and the clean=up! (if I didn’t have this, I would probably have Tim’s). I also love the Word Mix 1 dies and stamps and will probably have the Word Mix 2 sets before long. These tips are good in that they help us navigate through all the products we see for crafting!

  6. I love the Word Mix Stamps and Dies and the Reverse sentiment strips! They’re definitely on my bucket list!

  7. I love this series Shari and I always learn something new. The release paper is new to me and I would love to have the label sentiment dies, they have been on my wish list for some time.

  8. I love this Fun Facts and Crafty Tips feature. I don’t have any of these items, but they’re all on my wish list.

  9. I have the large glass mat and I absolutely love it. Thanks for the tip of cleaning the glue off with skin so soft..

  10. I really like the Word Mix sets, but the price jump between set 1 ($13.99) and set 2 ($28.99) is just too much. It’s more than double ($15.00).

  11. Oh Shari I do love my TH glass mat so. These stamps by Kristina look amazing and I am happy to see the strips printed on black. The release paper would end some frustration. Great information, thanks so much.

  12. Some great looking products! Haven’t really seen any of them in action myself; I’m liking the thought of the glass mat.

  13. This is such a helpful blog feature! Love the look of that die release paper and the word mix stamps and dies are so clever

  14. What great products! I love my glass media mat, the word dies are cool and I’m planning to get the new embossing gun when my current one dies. Thanks for all the great tips!

  15. I really enjoy the. “Did you know” feature on the SSS blog. It is always so helpful to learn about new tips, tricks and tools!!

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