Coming Soon: STAMPtember®!!!!!

STAMPtember coming soon

Did you know?! Our 10th Annual STAMPtember® celebration starts in less than ONE WEEK!

Mark your calendars, all of the FUN starts on Sunday, September 1st at 12 AM ET!

If you have never experienced STAMPtember, you are in for a TON OF AWESOMENESS! It’s a month-long stamping party containing exclusive products, limited editions, prizes, and so many MORE surprises!

We would LOVE to know what you are most looking forward to during this month-long PARTY! Please comment on this post and let us know!

  1. I look forward to stamptember every year but I wish the shipping charges would go down. $6.99 for 1 item isn’t ideal. I would def buy more if the shipping charges weren’t so high

    1. I completely agree with you. So many other sites offer free ship or other discounts all thru out the year. I wish SSS offered this if you spend $35 or more. I would def. buy more from them as well.

  2. I always look forward to SEAMPtember! I love to see all the wonderful inspiration and what new Simon products I absolutely “need.” Counting the days…

  3. Wow, the 10th STAMPtember, congratulation. I love STAMPtember and can’t wait to see al the gorgeous stamps and collaberations between all the great small crafty businesses.?❤️

  4. I LOVE Stamptember & look forward to it every year! But I do hate missing out on sets because of the amount shipping increases one set too. I know I would definitely buy a whole lot more if somehow the shipping charges were lower. Maybe even if charged as usual but then at the end of the month a store credit for the shipping charges each time we bought just a single stamp set? I know shipping costs have gone up….. but I really hate having to bypass a wonderful stamp set because I just purchased one the day before.

  5. This will be my first Stamptember and I am really looking forward to it. Love inspiration photo challenges.

  6. I love the exclusive stamps!!! It’s so fun waking up to see which set is being released that day!!! Can’t wait!!

  7. I look forward to seeing the new stamps in collaboration with other stamp companies; the Simon Says Exclusives. The 6.99 shipping charge is fair. I wait til the end of the month and make one big order.

  8. I love the exclusive stamp sets and the special offers! It’s a fun month. Congratulations on so much success.

  9. I love to see all the new things, but I do agree with what a lot of people have said about shipping costs. it does get pretty expensive when you have to buy one stamp set because you are afraid it will sell out before the end of the month. maybe lower shipping costs for the month?

  10. I’m most looking forward to you Lawn Fawn collaboration :) As well as all the other fun stuff you will have.

  11. Looking forward to it! For some reason, the dies from Stamptember are always my favorite of the whole year! Thank you!

  12. I always look forward to Stamptember (and Diecember)! There are usually tons of lovely new goodies and the timing is just perfect for getting my Christmas stash organised.

  13. I love Stamptember–I wish we could keep a “shopping cart” so we can keep adding to it as each set is released, to help ease the shipping costs. I know so many of the sets sell out the first day they are shown, but if we could cart them and then wait until we can add more, it would help. I’d also love to be able to add items to my card kit box–I’d certainly be making more purchases too. I know it takes an IT wizard to figure it out to do that, so understand if you can’t.

  14. I’ve only become aware of Stamptember in the past couple of months–I just loved the stamp set from last year but, of course, can’t find it anywhere. What am I looking forward to most? The stamp set, of course!

  15. I have never participated but sounds like lots of exciting prizes, etc. I have already expressed concerns on shipping charges, especially for just one item.

  16. I love the Lawn Fawn exclusive every year and anything Christmas! Fall just isn’t a thing here in San Diego, so I jump right into Christmas crafting with all the new goodies!

  17. I usually find a few SSS unique collaboration sets that I love. I don’t buy as many as I would like because the shipping is more than it really costs to ship just one stamp set. If shipping was more reasonable for a single item I would order more throughout the month of Stamptember. And waiting to combine items from different days means you usually miss out on the items that sell out quickly.

  18. I am looking forward to Stamptember! It is a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see what this year’s celebration will incur. I also agree about the high shipping costs; they seem to be the highest I have seen. I would also buy more from SSS if the shipping costs were lower. I hope you will reconsider this.

  19. Looking forward to seeing all the new stamps–and some good deals on already released stamps, too? Have to agree with all the “shipping cost” comments. I don’t order if the shipping costs are unreasonable for the amount I’m buying. Paying shipping often eats up any discount that is offered. Not sure what the answer is but shipping costs are a factor I consider on any website.

  20. I’m looking forward to EVERYTHING! Always game to see new cards, learn new techniques and of course, see products I HAVE to have!

  21. Looking forward to Stamptember. I love seeing all the new products, ideas techniques and collaborations. Since it is also my birthday month I shop away to my hearts content!!

  22. Can’t wait to see all the fun new things. I agree on having a bit lower shipping charges as dies are so lightweight it should not cost $6.99 to mail one. I would love to wait & order a bunch at once but, invariably. several are on backorder when I wait.

  23. This is my 1st Stamptember. I agree the shipping charges are a bit steep! If they made it free shipping if spent $50, that would make sense!!

  24. I can’t wait for all the great inspiration. I would like to see a better shipping charge to Canada – 20$ for a very small package seems excessive.

  25. I’m looking forward to seeing what it is all about. I have to agree with the others who mentioned the high shipping costs, though.

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