Amore Laura Fadora: You’re the Bee’s Knees!

Amore Laura Fadora Feature
Hi friends! Happy Saturday! Thanks for popping by our blog today! Welcome to the latest edition of Amore Laura Fadora! She’s combined the original Lawn Fawn Perfectly Plaid cardstock (that has unfortunately been discontinued but check out the others for a similar look!!), a Hello die from CZ Design’s new “Hellos” dies, and the sweet bees are from the Encouraging Animals stamp set! Please be sure to watch the video and enjoy!

Amore Laura Fadora: Hello You're the Bees Knees


Amore Laura Fadora: Hello You're the Bees Knees


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  1. Awesome card!! So glad you pulled out that paper as it’s perfect. I preferred the card with two bees – and your “bee’s knees” sentiment being the third item. Perhaps I’m in the other 0.01% of the population of your study!!

  2. Love that plaid Lara–and yep, keep the bee, he’s a cutie with his little bum! My family doesn’t give a rip either, I just get “well, you’re the card maker!” So annoying–I don’t have any friends in “real” who are card makers, so no one to consult with! I keep trying to turn a few into card makers, but no one wants to play!

  3. LEAVE IT, BEE-CAUSE…..most people would love to see his little BEE-hind flying away! LOL ( I couldn’t help myself!)

  4. Laura
    What an adorable card and i was listening to you about the rule of thirds and I thought no where are you going to put it Laura. I think it’s great flying away from the pack. thank you for sharing.

  5. Love that background paper, Laura and the video you’ve included (you ALWAYS make me laugh!!). Have an awesome weekend! ~HUGS~

  6. I like that little 3rd bee. I’m so happy to know that I am not the only one who takes a while to part with some of my paper. Crazy!

  7. I love the big Hello, and the bees are such a cute touch. I love simply clean cards and always looking for some inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love the card, and yes, that was also my favourite of the plaids in the pack… hard to use and give up! I think the 3rd bee is just perfect!
    Love the reminder to do some partial die-cutting for a change.

  9. Congratulations on being brave enough to use a much loved piece of pattern paper! I know how difficult it can be to make that commitment. Love your bees knees card, Laura! I agree that the third bee was needed to complete the visual triangle, but I think I would have positioned it to look as though the bee was flying up to join his buddies.

  10. I could watch you create all day! Thanks for the partial die cutting tip – I’ll be trying it soon. As for the third bee, it looks great. I do love this card.

  11. I love that third cute little beehind on the bottom of the card, but probably would shift it more to the right along the bottom. Or maybe a cluster with the other bee at the top.

  12. Love the card and the paper is perfect! I have a few sheets kind of like that that I’m hoarding as well, LOL!!! Just don’t want to use them yet :) Love that you added the third bee, but me? I would have put him flying off the top of the card and left the “white space” alone. But that’s just me, I like that white space you created on the card below the sentiment and the second bee. I always love watching your videos whether they are here or on your personal blog, thanks for sharing .

  13. Third bee = yes! I think you might have cut just a bit too much of him off. But he’s in the right spot! Grays fan here too!!

  14. Laura love your cara. I mean who doesn’t love plaids, especially in pastel. You video tutorials are some of the best. Love your stories and the joyful tunes. You love what you do and it shows. Blessings to you and Simons Says Stamp company, you make crafting ga joyful experience.

  15. I like how you did the partial die-cutting with the hello die. As for your question, I don’t think you needed the third bee but then again it looks cute with it added so I don’t have a strong feeling one way or the other :-)

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