Advent Plus Exclusive Mini Release Available Now!


Hi friends! Let’s get the countdown to Christmas started with our brand new Advent Plus release that combines a couple fun stamp sets and dies to help you to create your own calendar, along with some new extra special envelopes for mailing cards and your gift cards!  Looking for the cutest mini gift tags? Look no further!  How fun! Please check out these useful new products and enjoy!

Stay tuned for a blog hop this coming Saturday that will be loaded with inspiration from this week’s new releases (Including our super popular Annual Limited Edition Holiday Card Kit that will be revealed and start shipping tomorrow!)

Please comment below and share what you’ve done or are planning to do this year for the Advent Calendar countdowns.  We will choose a random winner for a $25 shopping spree on Friday.  The advent calendar wafer dies we are releasing make it possible for you to do tear away surprise messages!

Thanks so much for joining us today to celebrate our mini release filled with useful products for the season!

  1. I have been thinking a lot about an advent calendar this year. I think I will make little packages with treats for my boys to share each day.

  2. I am making an advent calendar for my grandmother. Made of pillow boxes and notes from her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

  3. Every year we hang a large felt Christmas Tree Banner/Advent Calendar given to my mother from her sister, who is normally not at all crafty. She did a beautiful job with this banner and all the little ornaments which are added one each day. This is a 40+ year family tradition. Planning to make some smaller paper advent calendars with the kiddos.

  4. Can you imagine how excited little ones will be using the ‘tear off’ feature on the calendars? Awesome idea! Love the font used for the numbers too :)

  5. I made an advent box a few years ago for my grandkids so each year I fill each box with something. They aren’t very big so I’ve resorted to candy or coins. They live it.

  6. My favourite Advent Calendars are really Share Calendars. They countdown to the holiday in the same way but instead of getting something each window opens for a task for the kids. When they do that task they earn money for the share jar. After the holiday the kids decide where to donate the funds. They really like this part of our holiday and it gives them perspective outside of simply receiving gifts Christmas morning. I know I’ll miss this when they grow older and move out.

    I love the dies in this release and the stamp set with the houses with just a little snow on them. Too much snow is simply too much. LOL.

  7. The Christmas town set plus the numbers and the Advent calendar wafter dies could make a wonderful Advent calendar for our littlest grandchildren (4-year-old twins & a 5-year-old)!

  8. Advent calendars are so fun… just yesterday I found a really cool one that I can use for years to come. All the new products are fantastic and could be used for all kinds of papercrafting projects!

  9. We have a wooden set of little drawers decorated in a fun Christmas theme for each of our sons (even though they’re older now!) that we put little treats of candy in–or money or whatever is small enough to fit. This new set y’all have is so fun! I saw a beautiful card made by Ms. Wanda in a newsletter from y’all today :)

  10. Ohhh I’d love to make an advent calendar! We had one that was reused for years and years when I was a kid – half the doors were missing so it was always an excitement if you got a lucky date with a door LOL

  11. I love this idea. We had too many kids in our family (9). Always had to wait your turn. I am third from the bottom!!!! Love the concept and the little houses are too cute.

  12. I love the idea of creating my own advent calendar, I always have an advent calendar. The dies and icon stamps are such a great concept.

  13. Advent calendars are so much fun for kids (and adults, if we are being realistic)! These tiny envys are just the thing for making one.

  14. I’m not sure what I’m doing about an Advent calendar. When my boys were a few years younger, I would buy them the Lego countdown calendars.

  15. I don’t have an advent calendar but I made one for my Mom last year. I really should make one for myself as I was happy with the one I made for Mom, which was 25 tags that fit into two up-cycled mint tins.

  16. I love the holiday icons stamp set as well as the Christmas town set. The dies are looking amazing, I’m looking forward to get them to work. :-)

  17. While our children were growing up we had a felt banner Advent calendar with little ornaments to hang on the felt Christmas tree each day. Now our grandchildren continue the tradition.

  18. I would love to make some advent calendars for my Grand kids. I used to make them for my boys, but haven’t made any in years. Super cute new products!

  19. I used to make advent calendars but all of my little ones are all grown up now. I can remember how an advent calendar would bring so much fun and excitement for them.

  20. for advent i plan on having a daily clue to have to go find the daily little present or treat to make it interactive plus theyll hang in little envelopes from a banner with their daily numbers

  21. I have a wooden
    Christmas tree
    that you change
    the number each
    day that counts
    down till Christmas
    Day! Fun and pretty.
    Carla from Utah

  22. I have a wooden snowman with wooden drawers for the kids. But I want to do something additional to that this year. Cut figures and make them into magnets for the fridge and give them one each day, maybe a nativity scene. Still thinking about it. I hope I will do it.

  23. Wow! I love Advent Calendars!!! And in these days I’m thinking about how realize one for my nephew. Thanks for this amazing chance!

  24. We have always traveled during the Thanksgiving/Christmas season so an advent has never really been an option. This year will be our first official airplane-free holiday! I KNOW I want to do an advent, just not sure where to begin, but I know I better hop to it to have it done by Dec 1.

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