Advent Plus Exclusive Mini Release Available Now!


Hi friends! Let’s get the countdown to Christmas started with our brand new Advent Plus release that combines a couple fun stamp sets and dies to help you to create your own calendar, along with some new extra special envelopes for mailing cards and your gift cards!  Looking for the cutest mini gift tags? Look no further!  How fun! Please check out these useful new products and enjoy!

Stay tuned for a blog hop this coming Saturday that will be loaded with inspiration from this week’s new releases (Including our super popular Annual Limited Edition Holiday Card Kit that will be revealed and start shipping tomorrow!)

Please comment below and share what you’ve done or are planning to do this year for the Advent Calendar countdowns.  We will choose a random winner for a $25 shopping spree on Friday.  The advent calendar wafer dies we are releasing make it possible for you to do tear away surprise messages!

Thanks so much for joining us today to celebrate our mini release filled with useful products for the season!

  1. Love this Advent set. Now that my kids are getting older, this years Advent calendar is going to have a theme. The theme I chose is ‘Kindness’ Each day it is going to have an act of kindness that they need to do. For example, give 4 people a compliment, smile at someone who might be having a rough day or who looks overwhelmed or sad, offer to pump someone’s gas, hold the door open for each person you come across, when driving, let someone out into the traffic, etc. These are going to be acts of kindness, even if they are small things, they will make a difference in someone’s day. I hope that my growing kids will make more of these acts of kindness be a normal part of each and everyday. I hope that this year’s Advent calendar is a success and is going to be memorable.

  2. I love those cool tearaway dies! The last few years I’ve been enjoying an Advent calendar I made where each day has a Christmas movie or story that I can watch or read. Christmas movie specials were one of my favorite parts of Christmas when I was a kid, and this calendar reminds me to sit down and enjoy them now that I have most of them on DVD! =)

  3. Oh wow! So much fun! We’ve done count down chains in the years past, but I think an advent calendar revolving around love and service would be fantastic to create!

  4. In past years we always did a Lego Advent calendar. This year my 16 year old decided he was too old. Guess we will be starting a new tradition – not sure what that is yet.

  5. I love these and can’t wait to see them in action. We always did the little candy advent calendars. I loved those things as a kid!

  6. I love Advent Calendars that count down the events leading to the birth of Jesus, our Saviour. The icons is a cute set … but it’s a shame there’s no nativity image in there … after all, He is the reason for the season! Anita :)

  7. My holiday crafting revolves around holiday cards and advent calendars using all sorts of techniques and products. Happy Place!

  8. Oh my gosh this set is so cute… I have to admit I always break down and order an advent calendar with some sweets in it.

  9. Great release, I have never made an advent calendar but now that I have grandchildren I may have to start. When my kids were small we bought the ones with chocolate inside.

  10. I have never made an advent calendar because we do not have any kids. I have always associated them with kids , but I could certainly do one for the two of us using acts of kindness. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.

  11. So many fun things. I just wish it was earlier in the year! I’m already done for the year! Oh well, there’s always cards for next year!! ;)

  12. Love all the new card kits and really love the Holiday kit. I have been working hard on some wands and cards. Fairly new to making cards and papercrafts but I am loving it.

  13. WOW – WONDERFUL kit!!!
    LOVE all the coordinating stamps and dies, the extra special envelopes are pretty too!!!
    We don’t have an advent but I’m tempted to make one now :)
    … I think these dies would come in handy for creating all year long, not just Christmas

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