A Rainbow of Watercolors

Hi readers! Happy Sunday to you! Have you gotten into watercoloring? Have you tried the technique yet?  I must say it’s as fun as it is beautiful and there really is a range for level of difficulty. If you haven’t, give it a whirl!!  I’m pleased to welcome back guest designer Teri Anderson with some seriously awesome inspiration!

Hi there, Simon friends! So happy to see you all again and bring a simple technique and a few cards your way.

I don’t know about you, but I sure dig the look of stamps that are more on artsy collage side,  I’m not a super artsy stamper though so I’m always in the hunt for not-so-intimidating ways to use them.

Enter: The Watercolor Background technique.

This is such an easy way to get some mileage out of those more artsy stamps.

All you need is watercolor pencils, some watercolor paper, a couple artsy stamps and a good black ink pad.

Cut a few strips of paper and scribble some color onto them with watercolor pencils. Don’t be too fussy. Just regular old scribbles will do.
Spread the color with water. Use either a waterbrush or good old paint brush.
After the colors dry, you’ll get a whole pile of pretty papers that look kinda like this.
I took those papers you see and made cards with them.
For my first three cards, I used a couple artsy looking stamps from Technique Tuesday. I simply inked up with black ink and stamped right on top of the watercolored panels.
It’s such an easy technique, but the results are really stunning.

And to finish each of these cards, I added a few gems and stamped a sentiment with Technique Tuesday’s Sending Smiles stamp set.

I lived a bit on the edge when I made fourth card.


For this one, I used Technique Tuesday’s Scritch Scratch stamp to repeatedly stamp a pattern onto one of my watercolor papers. Then I used die-cut the awesome word out of it of a couple times to use on it on my card.

Got to admit that I think the awesome words look pretty cool with the color and Scritch Scratch pattern on it.

Thanks for having me today! See you again soon!


Thanks for reading today and thanks to Teri for this rainbow of fun inspiration!



The kind folks at Technique Tuesday are giving away the Pens & Brushes stamp featured in this blog post today to a lucky commenter! Comment on this blog post and subscribe to our blog for a chance to win! Good luck!

  1. I’ve had the watercolour pencils for ages and couldn’t think of what to do with them… thanks for the great idea! I’m off to get my watercolour pencils!

  2. Wow, these cards are all amazing! And yes, I have tried watercoloring and it was a disaster. I guess I need to keep practicing.

  3. What fun! This idea is so easy, it can’t possibly look as nice as what I am seeing! ? Thank you for the great inspiration!

  4. Very creative cards — I am going to try this technique out on the weekend when I have lots of time to play. Just gotta look for some cool artsy lookin’ stamps. The possibilities are endless with this technique.

  5. I don’t know what would look more gorgeous under this stamp – Derwent Inktense pencils, Peerless Watercolors, or Neocolor IIs, but you bet I’ll be trying them all if I win!

  6. OK, this is stimple enough: scribble on paper and then wet it. I have found watercoloring to be intimidating, but I love it. This seems like a good way for me to start. Thanks much for lovely examples.

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