Witty Wednesday: Holiday Edition!?

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! We had so much fun sharing some of our favorite Two Lips and  Riley and Company funny quote stamps on these past Witty Wednesday posts, we thought we’d share some favorites that may or may not have a holiday theme! ;) Please enjoy!




Thanks so much for popping by the blog today! We hope it gave you a chuckle!

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  1. Love these stamps! I need the handmade cards one to stamp on the back of the cards I send. Maybe some of my in-laws would get the hint!

  2. These quotes are hilarious–I love the “display cards not emails” one and the Milk Dud–my Dad was in the dairy business, he would have enjoyed that one.

  3. Love the handmade card but the cow! OMG funny! I’ve got a cow fan friend and a rancher that would love these!!

  4. The quotes are so hilarious, I love this post with holiday related ones. My favorite and so true is one from above:
    Handmate cards because no one displays an email on the mantel!

  5. My favorite was the first about sitting in Santa’s lap. I will have to look this company up next time I shop for stamps!

  6. My favorite quote: Take every birthday with a grain of salt. This works much better if the sale is accompanied with a Margarita.

  7. Just bought….
    Santa I’ve been good all year
    Most of the time
    Forget it I’ll buy my own present.
    I ❤ Riley & Co

  8. My favourite is “Handmade cards because no one displays an email on the mantel!” because I’m always saying that!

  9. These sentiments are so awesome. I think my favorite would have to be farts are the ghosts to the good we ate lol ? too funny.

  10. These are great! I love the Milk Dud/Udder Failure one, as well as “Did you know that a Mimosa contains 32% of your daily recommended dose of Vitamin C?” :)

  11. My favorite is the “handmade cards” one because it’s the way I feel! Email is great for messaging, but not for card sending occasions!

  12. Love them All especially, Handmade cards and Fart…lol

    Love the font used for beer quote.

    Thanks for making me Smile while I’m lying in bed recovering.

  13. The best is “Handmade Cards” but since my dog is named Riley and he ghosts a lots of what he eats – ahem – the fart one is too funny!

  14. They are some really cool ones. I especially love the one that birthdays should be Levels, as Level 60 sounds so much better than getting way older!!

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