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Hi readers!! We want to KNOW… what do YOU want to see on our blog? More videos? More card ideas? More scrapbook layouts? More tips & tricks? More art journaling and/or mixed media? This is your opportunity to let us know! We do it all for you, so we want you to enjoy our blog and enjoy reading it!

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Please comment on this post telling us what you would like to see and read! In return we will draw FIVE commenters to win an assortment of our super blog candy stash! We can’t wait to read your input!!

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  1. I really do like what you are doing but since you asked I am a card maker that doesn’t always have time for videos. I like Sheri’s videos because they are short. How about different styles with same products. Less mixed media or art journaling pages. I skip right by those. If there is a high desire to have mixed media maybe another blog could be designated for LO’s and mixed media and this one for cards. Just a thought.

  2. I like card ideas – either video or written step by steps. Also, new product videos and ideas on how to use them. Thanks.

  3. I love your blog, every day there is something new for us to learn or take ideas and be inspired! All the girls are amazing and do a great job. If I could ask for something more it would be more art journaling and/or mixed media as I love that part of art and it would be great to get more ideas about it too. Thank you for “listening” to our needs!

  4. I love your blog and everything you do. I love to make cards so I would love to see more card videos.. Using different techniques, products etc. Thank you for all you do.

  5. I like seeing finished cards as well as step by step tutorials and/or videos showing different techniques and how the cards are made. The more examples I see using a particular product, the more likely I am to purchase it.

  6. I like most every thing you do. I’m a card maker so keeping video’s short and sweet are great. I skip a lot of the mixed media as it’s just not something I’m into. How about using the same products 2 or 3 ways?

  7. I love card videos that offer techniques, especially ones that link to a particular release. I feel if I purchase stamps and supplies and am given lots of ideas to work with those I am more apt to purchase more from a release. I love your blog!

  8. I like simple, nice and elegant cards idea with video to show the steps and techniques if required. if not the still photos will also will do for it….

  9. DEFINITELY MORE of Shari Carroll’s cards and videos. She is so creative with her layouts, color choices and her videos are articulate and to the point. I would also like to see the stamps and dies used on more than one card – and maybe a couple of weeks later, some more samples with previously used dies.

  10. I would love to see more about how products that are similar compare with each other (ie. embossing pastes etc.) and a lot more samples on each of the products you carry! Thanks

  11. I really love your blog and the videos that you present. Especially that Shari Carroll : )
    I could see perhaps doing some videos on items that you carry vs doing just videos on new releases or ‘brand new’ items. Maybe like a throw back Thursday type of thing where you pull some items ‘out of the vault’ so to speak and make a card using some of the older products..but products you still carry ‘obviously’ !
    Thanks for chance to give some input. Love Love Love Simon Says Stamp : )

  12. I would like to see more videos that show ideas for using your card kits and I would also like to see more videos that teach card making techniques! I love your store and hope you soon allow us to add an order to our card kits so they ship together!

  13. I would love to see more scrapbook layouts and also technique videos, it’s always great to learn new ways to get more out of your products :-)

  14. Pretty pleased with what I read so far but since we can have more say.. I would like more projects that are not card-related (although I love cards), maybe scrapbooking projects and a bit on organization of supplies..
    Thanks for reading.

  15. I really do like what you are doing but since you asked..
    I am a card maker – I like Sheri’s videos because they are short. Would like to see different styles with same products. Less mixed media or art journaling pages..
    thank you!!

  16. I love video explanations a lot, since I find them very helpful to understand the techniques. I would love to see more of tips and tricks also. Since I am a card maker , I love seeing stuff related to that and less of mixed media and art journalling.
    Love what you guys do! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. Love the blog! I would love to see different styles and uses for each individual stamp and/or die set. Example: I realize that Christmas is coming and I love the ‘cold hands’ release but wonder what else can I do with the village? I enjoy products that I can use multiple times for different occasions.

  18. I am primarily a card maker, so I love the cards. I love your videos that show products and techniques. I am not a fan of mixed media at all….I really dislike when that is the feature for the day because then I miss my SSS for the day! I love your blog, love Sherri Carroll and Sandy Allnock…all of them, your site is awesome!!!!

  19. I am mostly a card maker, so of course card inspiration is a great help, but tips and tricks for everything would be great! New uses for the same old stamp set, I love the color coordinates (sometimes I just would have never thought to put those together!), etc. Although I don’t do mixed media, I still find the techniques and end product fascinating! Keep up the great work – love this blog!

  20. I am newer to card making and sometimes I love how a card looks but I don’t know how it was done. Not necessarily looking for a video but even typed out instructions would be nice.

  21. I actually think SSS has the PERFECT BALANCE with everything you present to us here! But, IF I HAD TO pick something you could do more of, it would be TIPS & TRICKS!!!! Tips & tricks are like Grandma’s secret ingredients to a recipe! You can never have too much of that from the experts! :D “HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL at SSS!”

  22. I like the idea of using the same products to create a simple card, a more detailed card and an “over the top” card. I skip past the mixed media articles as well although I realize there are a lot of people out there who really love it. I don’t have tons of time to spend on one project so I like the idea of making cards according to the time I have on hand. Thanks for making us feel like our opinion counts!

  23. I am not much of a mixed media girl, but tend to be more of a clean and simple card maker. I l o ve Laura Bassen’s style and videos.

  24. More samples! I’d like see more samples to help kick start my that idea part of my brain. A search option would be nice, too. That’s a good tool for going back to previous posts for inspiration. I enjoy blogs and look forward to reading them.

  25. I do it all, so I love it all! I do cards, mixed media, scrapbooking, art journaling and I like styles across the spectrum. What I love most, though, are articles that show several ways to use a product (whether all on one blog or in a blog-hop). It would be cool to see some older popular dies and stamps demonstrated this way too. What would be especially cool is if the SHOP items had links back to the blog showcasing projects and related products.

  26. I’d like to see more tutorials on making multiple projects with the exact same products, stretching our supplies is always a benefit!

  27. i would love to see a variety of applications for each product highlighted. for cards, journals, scrapbooking, mixed media art. thanks :)

  28. SIMON,
    Thanks for asking for input. I like the blog but I don’t always need to be ‘sold’ on the newest items to buy. I would love a throwback day, where Kristina, Shari or Jennifer shows new uses for older SSS product (maybe start with the card kits). Maybe start with alternate color combo’s or mixing the stamps up, any type of refresh. I like the short, quick videos. I don’t care to watch a long slow coloring process, but definately want to know which Copics, colored pencils Etc, were used. (quickly though-I can always rewind my video).
    If I have lots of time, I like the mixed media tuts, but not too often as I don’t do the Journals.
    My fav is card making.
    My next request would be that SSS notifies me which items are out of stock, BEFORE I get to the end! UG! So dissappointing to gather supplies and then find out that pieces and parts are unavailable and I have to remember to followup and keep checking, much prefer a shoutout when things are back in stock (Much $$$$ is lost when people (me) have to scrap an idea and constantly remember to check back, again and again.)
    Also, I would like to request original ideas when putting an insert in the SSS card kit. The ones that are with the kit, have been videoed, Blog displayed, been on You tube and personal blogs. Seen it, done it! before I even get the kit! Please WOW me!
    I love and see ALL your videos. Love your products. Want to see more tutorials and card making processes. I recommend your web site to all my crafty friends. And I am an avid card kit lover!
    Thanks for all your creativity!

  29. i would love to see more art projects (like art journal), love the card making videos also, would love more of paper piecing projects

  30. I want to learn more about embosing and die cutting cards. Specifically, which cardstock is best to use for embossing and die cutting, what materials other than cardstock can we emboss and die cut with (ie: burlap, foil, etc…), how can we embellish the look of embossed and die cut cards (ie: painting, coloring, sandpaper). I love the clean look of embossed and die cut cards, but I feel that something is missing on my cards, they’re too simple. I have a hard time finding examples/tutorials on this subject..

  31. I look at your blog every day. I’m mostly a card maker but enjoy seeing other things occasionally. Cardmaking videos are my favorite. I do follow your blog on social media. Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Your candy stash would be a dream come true for me, since I’m teaching five people right now.
    Thanks for all you [email protected]

  32. I would love to see items that can be used with the project life system. I loove scrapbooking that way, but Id like to use more of simon says :)

  33. I enjoy making cards but my first love is scrapbooking. I would love to see more on scrapbooking techniques and trends.

  34. I’d love to see things like decorating the inside of cards with stamps, sentiments (maybe have more stamp sets for the inside of cards) and ways of including gift cards inside cards. I love seeing techniques in video or photo format and it’s always great to pick up tips for card making or even for storing supplies. Something else I’d love to see is designers with totally different styles using the same stamp or die to come up with completely different looks for the same product. The last thing I can think of is behind the scenes peeks every now and then.

  35. I am new to this site. As a card maker, I like to see the products put into a card. I came across you on Facebook and because of the pictured card, I followed the link to You tube. LOVED what I saw went to your website to make a purchase. So, basically, cards & how-to videos with extra ideas as well. That’s what I’d like to see!

  36. Of what you do already I think the color coordinates series and Shari’s monthly art journaling videos are my faves. I would really like more videos with ideas for your card kits. It would be cool to have more inspiration than just the sheet that comes with them. Thanks for listening to us, I love your company! =)

  37. I’m card maker + love your videos………I feel kinda disappointed when its mixed media or scrapbooking cuz I just skip those……….’think you’ve got it about right, tho I WOULD enjoy seeing more tip + new product videos!

  38. I love the cardmaking videos, but I am also a scrapbooker. It would be awesome to have some
    videos showing how to use stamps on scrapbook layouts also.

  39. I do love the card making videos, but like them to be no longer than about 10 minutes or I loose interest and stop watching! ;) I would like to see you do more with your colors in the way of the matching inks and papers!! Use of your products would be a help!

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