We Really Appreciate YOU! Unexpected Delays…..

Hi friends!

We are working around the clock, 7 days a week, to improve for you.  Please know that YOU are the heart of what we do and we appreciate YOU!

From time to time, the unexpected happens.  Right now, sadly, a few things are happening all at once.  :(  We are working through several issues while processing orders.

In an effort to strengthen logistics in our order processing system, late last year we knew the time was quickly coming to upgrade our shipping software.  After devoting almost a year in researching to find exactly the right partner, defining customer needs, and testing new processes, we implemented the new software on Saturday, October 14th.

The holiday season is approaching and we want to be prepared for YOU.  I’m not sure there is ever a convenient time to make a change, but we were hoping that with significant testing and working with experienced technical experts, we could minimize any order delays before the busy holiday shopping season.  In fact, we were hoping to have NO order delays. Unfortunately, this is not the case today.  However, it is just temporary.

The good news is, we have worked through MANY of the technical bugs that have caused shipping delays over the past 2 weeks.  The bad news is, we haven’t worked through ALL of them … just yet.

One delay that is very frustrating for you (and for us!) is that our systems are processing orders not necessarily in order of placement date.  That means, in addition to the downtime required for training our team and streamlining the processes – the delays are impacting YOU, our valued customers in random ways.  Please know that this makes us frustrated and sad because it is our mission to provide you with excellent service. We all feel the pain when we fall short.  We hope to be back to processing orders in chronological order in the immediate future.  Truth be told, I am really hoping that this happens within the next 24-48 hours.

Right now, we are working actively to push through the delays.  Our teams are getting better and becoming more efficient inside the new technology each day. The system itself is certainly improving.  We are super excited about the efficiency and speed that this new software is going to be able to allow us to offer you.  In the meantime however, we apologize for any order delays you may have experienced these past 2 weeks!

These are growing pains.  :(  They are hard for us all, but I just know that we will be better for it in the end.  Please know that we are making changes to be better for you. 

Thank you so very much for bearing with us while we gather ’round and push through these unexpected delays. We have invested significant time and resources in an effort to get better and will continue to do so. I am very sorry for your inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to work in an industry surrounded by good, talented and genuinely kind people.

Simon Says Stamp Founder and Momma

Heidi Crowl
Founder of Simon Says Stamp. Crazy in Love with my hubby and life partner, Mommy of two fun(ny) kiddos, forever mom to our pup Simon who sadly passed over the Rainbow bridge, and a new mom to our family protector German Shepherd. Lover of all things art, craft, and stamp related. Goofball at heart.
  1. Echoing the other comments here – this explanation should have been sent out to people with their order confirmations, and ideally should have been flagged on the store website too. I placed an order a few days ago but I have no clue if I’m likely to see these delays or not. I only knew to read this post thanks to a message board.

    I only order here when there is no other option and I don’t need the item quickly because SSS stands for Super Slow Shipping in my mind. Not that the shipping is really to blame – it’s the processing time that’s the problem. I’ve learned that right around the time when I’m thinking the box will arrive is when the email will come saying “your order has just shipped!” One of your competitors sends that email within 4 hours of my order, not 1-2 weeks later.

    I’m sorry. I want to love this store, I truly do. But if I’m paying full price for everything + quite a bit extra for shipping I expect better service than this.

    1. Shipping from this company is almost painful. No discounts and customer service is non- existent.

      processing for 8 days. Still no sign of order shipping…time to find a new store.

  2. Sorry you’re going through this, and thanks for the update. I’m very glad you’re making these changes, because I have been hesitant in the past to order because of the slow processing. You guys do a great job being a one stop shopping site. If you get the processing time down to align with other competitors it would be great! Also it would be wonderful to get a break on shipping if you spend a certain amount. I know that it’s harder for you to give discounts than it is for companies that only sell their own product, because I know you have to pay shipping for those products. Perhaps you could consider a discount for a certain amount of SSS exclusives. Also, you may want to post this on your FB page so everyone is aware of the issue. Thanks!

  3. I also believe this is something that should be communicated when the order was placed. You say this is because of the ordering system but this is the same thing that happened in September. It took over a week before it was even mail. You have not offered anything for the inconvenience including free shipping. One stamp set doesn’t cost more than a $1 to ship but we pay $6.99. If you shipped within 48 hours that would be reasonable but not when a full week later my order still has not been processed. If you get an email or a call from someone asking why it is taking so long maybe that order should be dealt with right away. I had a crop this weekend I was planning on using what I ordered but once again I am empty handed. Sorry but sending me an email thanking me for my patience and I will get an email when my product sends didn’t resolve the issue. The issue is if you want to keep customer offer something better than that. I am very sad at the lack of customer service.

    1. Great point! I know one of SSS competitors had a slow shipping issue and they gave everyone a coupon for $10.00. Sure went a long ways towards making me feel like a valued customer. Of course the other thing that helps with this particular competitor is that orders are almost always processed and shipped either the same day or the next day, even on new release days, and they offer discounts for at certain $$ levels, and free shipping if you order a certain amount. I know for me that if I’m close on either I’ll bump the order to get the discount or free shipping. I do like the SSS $5 coupons that come in the orders.

    2. I agree with a lot of the people wish I would have been told sooner. I learned of your problems thru a you tube video since I have not received any response to my questions regarding my order. I will probably cancel the order tomorrow since I placed it Oct 23rd and it’s still processing I won’t get it for at least 2 weeks now I wanted it for my cards which I have started so went with another companies stamp. I do realize things happen and hope you resolve it soon

  4. I am wondering why a company would take a chance on implementing a new software/shipping system during the busiest months of the year. Card makers order supplies early for the holiday season so ordering begins in October.

  5. I placed my order well over a week ago, and it still hasn’t shipped. It wasn’t until I contacted them, that they directed me this blog post. In the blog post dated October 24th, they were hoping to have all the bugs worked out in 24 to 48 hours. It’s the 28th, and my order is still in a processing state. Notice of such delay should have been communicated to the customers through their website or email. Also, as a result of the inconvenience it would have been a nice gesture for them to offer free shipping or express shipping. I needed my stamps by this Wednesday, but now I’m forced to try and find them elsewhere at the last minute. So disappointed with the lack of communication on the part of Simon Says Stamp.

  6. I have to echo the comments above. This delay is REALLY disappointing. While I’m pleased that SSS is making changes that will (hopefully – but I’m not holding my breath) change the delays that all of seem to have experienced, they simply aren’t “with the times” in terms of processing and shipping. And as some have noted, their shipping charges are typically much higher than other online craft places. I want to give a shout out to Sunny Studios who generally have an order in the mail the same day that it is placed, and it is at my door VERY quickly. And they are several states away from me. Whereas SSS is only about 2 hours from where I live, and between them being able to get my order together and out for shipping and the time it takes to get here is ALWAYS way more than other craft/card making supply places. Like others who have commented, I’m thinking about taking my business elsewhere.

  7. I’ve never had an issue with receiving an order in the past. My orders have always shipped within 2 to 3 days of ordering. I placed an order on the 18th and it included Halloween stamps that I was going to use for goody bags. I emailed on the 26th to find out where my order was, only to be directed to this blog. Had I known there was a shipping delay, I would have ordered with another company. This information about the delay should have been mention on the website and not when people reach out to customer service. Hopefully, things will be better in the future.

  8. I placed my order on October 17th and as of today October 28th still says processing!!!! Highly upset because the delay was not communicated to me until I emailed customer service. Needed a stamp for a Halloween project but had to get it somewhere else. Not sure I will be ordering in the near future again.

  9. I placed my order on October 13. Today is the 29th. It is still processing. If the items I ordered were available anywhere else, I would not order them from SSS.

  10. I guess my tolerance level has reached up to the max limit!!

    I placed my order on 18th and today is already 30th and my order status is still “processing”. SSS, you said in this blog post this delay is only temporary and you said you were expecting it to be recovered soon. Come on, how many days has it been lasting already? You cannot make us forever waiting!

    What makes me even more angry is, you are not responding to us at all! Read all the comments here! Many of us show our disappointment here but I do not see you are responding in whatever ways. There has been no update since this blog post! Please, you need to take action to respond to us right now.


    p.s. Mine is on international shipment. I hope my order could arrive before 2018.

  11. I can only echo what others have stated, this should have been posted on the website or send out with order confirmation. It is two full weeks since I placed my order and had I not contacted them to find out what was going on I would not know any of this. Very very disappointing, and very poor customer service for a company the size of Simon Says Stamp.

  12. I am as frustrated as everyone here. The communication from Simon Says Stamp has been terrible and I feel like there is no attempt to “make it right.” I placed an order on 10/17 that still has not shipped and when I called today, I was given no indication of when I can expect it to ship. I also requested a second order I placed on 10/27 be cancelled (I wanted them to combine shipping on the two orders and they would not do that.) I filed a complaint with the better business bureau since they charged my card but haven’t delivered the product. We’ll see if that moves anything forward.

  13. In reading your article and all these comments I’m nervous about my order # 973203 placed 9/19/17 it was already reserved for 9/30. Per our E-mails 10/20/17 the reserve date was pushed back again … will it get “lost” in these orders as according to your articles orders were not being processed in order ???

  14. Absolutely agree Allison! My state does NOT permit charge for products that are not shipped. See Amazon policies as proof. SSS promised, in writing, online the order will ship no later than 10/27. Today, I get this unacceptable story written by a marketing guy. SSS would work faster if they didn’t the money WEEKS before “figuring out” shipping orders. Shame on you SSS!

  15. I do agree we should have been advised of delays upon confirmation. BUT…at the end of the day, it’s not the end if the world and I have always had excellent device from Simon says stamp. and in the interest of increasing efficiencies, a little delay is just shirt term pain.?

  16. I can only agree with everyone above. My order was Place 10/18, I have emailed and called and finally was referred to this blog post last week. Well, here it is 10/30 and my order is still processing… they sure didn’t waste any time taking the money from my bank account though (that happened by 10/19). Now I just want to know how to actually get ahold of someone to cancel my order and refund my money. 2 weeks is ridiculous, you should have some people’s orders out by now. This was my first and last order with SSS. I will just stick to companies that can handle orders.

  17. Hi–I placed my order on 10/20 asked on 10/27 when I could expect my order and received a “release” from 10/24 about upgrades to the system. I still don’t know when I should receive my order! when I check it says still processing. Can someone give me an ETA? Please I am anxiously awaiting my bosses day gift! Also this was my FIRST time to order from you and so far it hasn’t been a good experience. :(

  18. This is the kind of thing that should have been communicated to customers PRIOR to them placing their orders. For a large and fairly well-established company, your communication skills are severely lacking.

    A blog post going on about how much you value your customers is not enough. There should be some kind of compensation, especially for those that placed orders over two weeks ago! Mine has only been processing for nine days, so I guess I am lucky by comparison. I placed an order with another stamp company yesterday and received shipping notice today, approximately twelve hours later.

    You do have a lot of product but you rarely have sales (and then most product is sold out) and you don’t offer any kind of incentive for loyal customers. If you really valued your customers, you would find a better way to sort this situation out rather than a trite blog post. Apologies are not enough when you have already taken the money from my account. You should not be doing that until the order is shipped….perhaps then you would find a way to speed up your ‘processing’ time.

    You have lost a loyal customer. I will only shop with you again if I can not find the product I want anywhere else. It is a shame that as companies become bigger and more successful, they forget that it is the little personal touches and attention to detail that make people feel valued and encourage them to come back.

  19. This is the first time that I have ordered from you and will probably be my last. My order was placed on Oct. 18th and it still says processing. I called twice and I think sent an email. Today was the 2nd call I made and then I got an email with a link about updating your systems. I sure hope I get my stamps soon or I won’t have time to make my cards.

  20. So I am going on 2 weeks since I placed my order and I still have no shipping notice. I was going to email customer service again to demand an ETA but seeing as how so many other have tried numerous time without success I feel like it will be a waste of my time. So what option does that leave all of SSS customers waiting on their orders? They have our money and refuse to communicate properly with their customers. I find that very sad. Not sure what to do or how to resolve this issue.

  21. I have to agree 110% with what others have said. Other companies have comments about delayed shipping with specific items and at checkout. It shouldn’t be hard in this day and age when you begin checkout process to have a statement about delayed processing/shipping. I ordered on 10/23, sent an email on 10/27 asking why it was still processing. On 10/30, I received a generic email with a lot of fluff/excuses. I only order from SSS when I have no other option as their prices are not competitive and they have had historically slow shipping. A coupon/discount on future order would have been nice. Further, as others have said, the blog post commented they were getting ready for the holidays. As crafters, we were getting ready for the holidays now!

  22. Any communication, just because I sent an email, if you appreciate your clients tell us before make an order, I lost my time waiting for my order!For example Honey Bee Stamps is moving today and she is telling it every moment from last week, that all orders will be shipping next Monday plus she is sending a gift in your order! She is showing care about her clients.

  23. Kind thanks, Heidi, for being upfront with us. It is appreciated. My order from October 14 was shipped today. Yay!!!! I just had to renew the monthly card kit subscription. So, I already knew that it might not be until the 27th for it to ship. Can’t wait to create with the amazing kindness stamp set and beautiful paper. Best of luck with your upgrades.

  24. never ordering from here again. i would have rather paid more somewhere else and actually received my products than this nonsense that’s going on! if there was a notice posted on the site I would have never ordered… this was shady! and you purposely kept it from your customers out of fear nobody would order during this time.

  25. I, like many others it seems, ordered 10/18 and now it is 10/31. I called yesterday, only to leave a message on voice mail with no answer. Called again today and was directed to this letter. Why didn’t SSS let us know when we placed our orders, this is so frustrating and horrible customer service. Three items in my order I don’t even need now! You could have let us know and let US make the decision to cancel or wait.

  26. My order was placed on the 19th, still processing. I’m am very upset that I had to find out about this after sending a Email to CS. They should have told upfront about the /this update. I would have never placed an order. Totally ruined my project plans. They have great designs and lots of product but to pay for shipping and the slowest service is just unacceptable. Their discounts really are not that good. The owner does not know what going on with good business practices, nor managing productivity of staff. This site is going to be my last option. There has been no compensation offered for our misery…so unthoughtful of them.

  27. Add me to the list of people who placed an order ($180) and has been waiting over 2 weeks for status to change from processing. I have simply filed a dispute with PayPal and am requesting a full refund.

    This was my first order and needless to say I will not be ordering again.

  28. Wow yes I have noticed the last couple orders have been a little longer than usual and I know people are impatient when they order something, and can’t wait to get it…but I haven’t found it that bad…usually things get delayed at customs anyway…If I could make a wish I would like if something could be done with out of stock…it seems I get back in stock emails and have to order right away making me order 3 and 4 days in a row…wish they could be shipped together some how…Sorry to hear everyone is so upset with you…hope you get your problem solved…and get back on track…

  29. I ordered on Oct. 16th and it is now Nov. 1st, has anyone that ordered after me received their orders? What is really sad is if y’all are sending orders out to customers that have ordered recently while others are still waiting.

  30. The reason I hardly order from SSS is the shipping price. $6.99?to ship a small package first class. It turns me off right away. That shipping is way over priced. And others have better prices and reasonable shipping. I have an order out there too now.

  31. How ridiculous it is! My order placed on 18 Oct, now is 2 Nov, my order status is still showing processing. Despite our voice here, there is still no one from SSS to update us when the system will get back to normal.

    But they are quick enough to post charges to my credit card before shipment!

    Today I received an email from SSS giving me a code for a free gift for next purchase and the expiry of the code is 14 days. Do you think I will still order from you SSS??? I’d say, let me send you a gift if you could ship my order within the coming days!!

  32. as if this shipping debacle wasn’t enough, I finally get my package today and when I open it ALL my ephemera was spilled into the package and some of it bent up and smashed! never ever again. SSS can kiss it. it’s not even worth complaining to them about this either– it’s clear to me now they could care less about their customers. I got my package and now I will not look back! good luck to anyone who orders from this crappy company in the future.

  33. This is pretty discouraging….I feel the same way as everyone else except after 2 weeks without my order or my $100 i just canceled my order. I called them twice and they decided to email me back instead of calling me back. After I couldn’t get a response about shipping I just told them to cancel. I then placed my order with butterfly reflections and got my items in 3 days!! SSS this is not how you treat the folks that keep you in business…I guess you don’t really want to be our one stop crafting supplier…. :-/

  34. I agree with a lot of the people wish I would have been told sooner.
    I placed an order on October 16th.
    On the 20th I send out a request for an update for my order. Got an e-mail,from Tiffany, that they were doing some upgrades to their warehouse, and that the goodies I ordered (the November card kit) would be shipped and tracking details send. On the 27th another mail was for an update since it was taking too long. On October 30, I got a mail back informing my order was canceled. No reason given. I did NOT request a canceletion only an update. But canceled was cancelled. This not first time experiencing bad service from them but surely the last. Nice products but the service is lousy.

  35. I’ve emailed twice and still no response. I ordered on Oct. 23. I was hoping to use the product at an event this week. Therefore, I’m thinking I will cancel. If all this was an effort to I improve poor and slow services, I would say they have failed miserably. I will not order from them again.

  36. I am still waiting for my October 16 order to be processed, but one of the items that I ordered is now out of stock! Everything I ordered was in stock when I placed the order three weeks ago. Obviously someone else bought the stamp I wanted while they “fix” their ordering system.

  37. Finally received my order today (placed on Oct.16th), I really thought there would of been something extra for the wait, like a coupon code(different from the usual that everyone gets) or something.

    1. I bet Jennifer McGuire got hers on time though…she’s still using affiliate links in her videos for SSS “at no cost to you” — yeah, no cost to you, unless you count the frustration and time it will take you to actually receive the supplies.

  38. I am an international customer who often orders from this site. Until recently I didn’t have any issues but I emailed twice for different reasons and felt so let down by the blunt and unhelpful response:( it costs me a lot to ship to the uk, so I have to choose carefully. I placed my last order on October 31st and it’s still processing on November 7th. Really disappointing. Will definitely think twice about spending my money here again :(((

  39. I have been waiting since October 17 (today is Nov. 10). I was charged for my entire order including shipping on that date. I have emailed and emailed and keep getting the same response.

    I don’t think anyone is reading this, but I certainly hope they are. I will be canceling my order and getting my Christmas stamps elsewhere since it’s time to be making the cards now! Very disappointed in the way they’re handling this – only this blog post for communication rather than telling us during the order process or reaching out to communicate with those who have been waiting for ALMOST 4 weeks.

  40. The processing and shipping time of this company is downright ridiculous and there is absolutely no need for it. As much as I love the variety of products listed on this website, I will no longer be shopping here.

    Simon Says Stamps, you really need to address and fix this problem before you lose all of your customers.

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