We Really Appreciate YOU! Unexpected Delays…..

Hi friends!

We are working around the clock, 7 days a week, to improve for you.  Please know that YOU are the heart of what we do and we appreciate YOU!

From time to time, the unexpected happens.  Right now, sadly, a few things are happening all at once.  :(  We are working through several issues while processing orders.

In an effort to strengthen logistics in our order processing system, late last year we knew the time was quickly coming to upgrade our shipping software.  After devoting almost a year in researching to find exactly the right partner, defining customer needs, and testing new processes, we implemented the new software on Saturday, October 14th.

The holiday season is approaching and we want to be prepared for YOU.  I’m not sure there is ever a convenient time to make a change, but we were hoping that with significant testing and working with experienced technical experts, we could minimize any order delays before the busy holiday shopping season.  In fact, we were hoping to have NO order delays. Unfortunately, this is not the case today.  However, it is just temporary.

The good news is, we have worked through MANY of the technical bugs that have caused shipping delays over the past 2 weeks.  The bad news is, we haven’t worked through ALL of them … just yet.

One delay that is very frustrating for you (and for us!) is that our systems are processing orders not necessarily in order of placement date.  That means, in addition to the downtime required for training our team and streamlining the processes – the delays are impacting YOU, our valued customers in random ways.  Please know that this makes us frustrated and sad because it is our mission to provide you with excellent service. We all feel the pain when we fall short.  We hope to be back to processing orders in chronological order in the immediate future.  Truth be told, I am really hoping that this happens within the next 24-48 hours.

Right now, we are working actively to push through the delays.  Our teams are getting better and becoming more efficient inside the new technology each day. The system itself is certainly improving.  We are super excited about the efficiency and speed that this new software is going to be able to allow us to offer you.  In the meantime however, we apologize for any order delays you may have experienced these past 2 weeks!

These are growing pains.  :(  They are hard for us all, but I just know that we will be better for it in the end.  Please know that we are making changes to be better for you. 

Thank you so very much for bearing with us while we gather ’round and push through these unexpected delays. We have invested significant time and resources in an effort to get better and will continue to do so. I am very sorry for your inconvenience and appreciate the opportunity to work in an industry surrounded by good, talented and genuinely kind people.

Simon Says Stamp Founder and Momma

Heidi Crowl
Founder of Simon Says Stamp. Crazy in Love with my hubby and life partner, Mommy of two fun(ny) kiddos, forever mom to our pup Simon who sadly passed over the Rainbow bridge, and a new mom to our family protector German Shepherd. Lover of all things art, craft, and stamp related. Goofball at heart.
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