We R Memory Keepers Fuse Tool!

Have you tried it yet? I’m amazed at the fun that can be had with this tool!

So what is it you ask? It’s a heat element that fuses or welds plastic pages together. It’s really easy to use and We R Memory Keepers thought of everything when developing this Fuse Tool, they include a stand, metal ruler, cutting blade and a comfortable handle on the tool.


Some of the things you can create:

  • pockets with your photo sleeves
  • shaker cards
  • pages for your planners
  • custom layouts
  • waterfall or cascading layouts (even on your cards!)
  • and many more!

I’ve created a quick piece to show just a few things you can do, but the possibilities are limitless!!


I’ve created compartments with my Simon Says Stamp Clear Storage Pockets to hold die cuts, sequins and strips of pattern paper. Then I added a photo flip pocket (much like a waterfall or cascade element). Once you get going, you’ll be fusing anything and everything!


I’ve shot a video of how I use the Fuse tool to give you a basic introduction. You can view it below or on our YouTube channel.

Thanks for stopping by today, hope you enjoy!

  1. COOL tool and PRETTY pockets!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your tips and experiences, think it would be FUN to create with one of these :)

  2. this tool intrigues me, I’m still thinking how to use it, i mean how m any ways i would use it, if it’s worth getting it, i’m not sure, i think i will..see..i’m a mess ;-)

  3. Sherrie,

    I love your little pocket page!!! so many awesome ideas!! I got my Fuse tool and love it and am so excited to try out some of your ideas!!

    Thanks so much!

  4. Wow! I wasn’t sure I needed this tool, but maybe I do. I’m thinking on it. You certainly have created some beautiful projects with it and it would be handy to display the grand kiddies pictures in different ways. Thanks for a very helpful and clear video on it’s use.

  5. Thanks for a great video–I just received one of these, haven’t had much time to play, but made a great fishing vest card, using page protector pockets to put paper fishing lures in–very impressive. Need to play some more with this fun tool.

  6. fun, but i think it would be more useful for scrappers. not a tool i feel i need to have taking up space. i know two people who have them.

  7. I just bought this. Looking forward to getting familiar with all the things it can do. Thanks for sharing this video. It’s definitely one I will be returning to!

  8. Thanks for the demo, Shari! I saw it at the store and couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.

  9. This is a very cool tool!!! I really need to get one!!!, A few years back, before the pocket page craze I made my own pocket orginizers for small stamps out of letter size page protectors, but instead of fusing I used my sewing machine and x-acto knife it was so much more time compsuming than what it looks to be with the fuse tool! thanks for sharing this cascading project with us!

  10. Fabulous tool. I was wondering what could be accomplished with the Fuse Tool…perfect for sealing sequins and other loose items (shaker cards) and photo album pages.

  11. Beautiful layout! I am just wondering: Lots of people mention that you can use the pointed tip for fusing around shapes to make shaker pockets – but I thought the pointed tip is just for cutting, would that not cut through both layers of plastic instead of fusing them together? I would really appreciate answer, as I am totally confused now…
    Love, Nessie

  12. Hello Shari,
    I really love the fuse tool and was happy enough to get it about 3 months ago. My only real problem is fusing around shapes, like shamrocks, hearts, flowers, etc. Can you perhaps make a video to show us how that works? I would be so grateful
    Love, Nessie

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