Shop SMALL, save BIG- on shipping! Today only!

Hi crafty friends! Happy Small Business Saturday! Did you know that our business started on the dining room table of Simon Says Stamp Founder, Heidi Crowl? We’ve come a long way, but like to think of the celebration of this special day as a tribute to our roots.

Since you can’t pop in our shop, we thought savings on shipping would be a great way to say THANK YOU to all who have and continue to support us! Please enjoy FREE USA shipping with code FRSHP on any orders that are $75 or more OR save $7.99 off orders that are $50 or more with code 799 at checkout!

Please enjoy!

  1. This Small Business Saturday offer is fantastic! It’s heartening to learn about Simon Says Stamp’s humble beginnings and the growth of your business. The discount codes for free shipping and savings are a generous gesture to express gratitude to loyal customers. It not only incentivizes shopping but also fosters a sense of community. The commitment to supporting small businesses is admirable, and this promotion adds a special touch to the holiday season. Wishing Simon Says Stamp continued success and a joyful Small Business Saturday celebration! Thank you for making crafting a delightful experience for your customers.

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