Please Send A Smile to Maddy!

Hi Bloggers!!  You may remember back in July of 2012, we introduced you to this beautiful and brave young girl, Maddy Justice.  She sadly was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and went through chemotherapy treatment, followed by a stem cell transplant from her (then) fifteen year old sister Melanie.

Three months later, we were thrilled to report to you in this blog that Maddy seemed to be on the road to recovery!  This January, we learned that she had relapsed, which unfortunately means she’s going to have to go through this very physical and emotional pain again.

That being said, we were overwhelmed and so happy with the response to our card drive last year, and we can also assure you that your cards and LOVE really touched Maddy.  She found herself looking forward to the cards every day, and even made a game out of where in the world the cards came from with her family.  They used a world map to locate the card origins! We’re hoping you can help lift her spirits again!!

Pictured above: Maddy’s painting she gave to a friend.

Just to give you an idea at the amazing spirit and determination of this young girl I’d like to include a quote from her post in Caring Bridge back in January:

“For this battle, I am not just going to fight for me. I am going to fight for the fallen. I am going to fight for every child who couldn’t. I am going to fight for every child whos soul left the Earth too quickly. I am going to fight for my friends who have gone too soon. And once again, I am going to fight for my Lola. This time I am ready. I am ready  to charge at this thing. I am ready to fight. Let’s do this.”

We ask you to please open your hearts & crafting supplies once again and make a card for Maddy and send them to this address:

Target House 2
Maddy Justice-Room 416
1811 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104

Please visit and check in on Maddy’s progress.  She has her own site – maddyjustice (no capitals or spaces in the name). Marizel, Maddy’s mother journals about her experiences with contributions from Tim, Melanie, and Maddy, herself.  If you can’t make a card, they offer e-cards to send, but we all know how special a hand crafted card is.

Thank you so very much!

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