Mixed Medium with Shari Carroll: Earth Day

Mixed Medium with Shari Carroll

Welcome to the blog my friends! Today is Earth Day. It’s a great time to think of ways we can take care of our dear mother Earth. I am a recycler, on average we have two bins of recycling and one kitchen bag of regular garbage per week. I think that’s a good start!

To take my recycling a step further, I’ve created a project by pulling out some items from the bin and up-cycled them into a mixed medium project.

I’ve used soda can tabs for the flower petals, a water bottle lid for the center and a plastic straw for the stem. The leaves are created from a cut up toilet paper tube. And finally, the flower sits atop a grassy hill made from corrugated cardboard. Fun isn’t it?

Mixed Medium, Shari Carroll

I started out with the Tim Holtz mini clip board, which was perfect for tucking my typed and printed title under the clip. Today would be a good day for creating a project like this with children. You could use the moment to teach them ways they can recycle, up-cycle and have fun at the same time!

Earth Day, Mixed Medium, Shari Carroll

I’ve filmed the process of creating this project which you can view below or on our YouTube channel HERE.

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Thanks for stopping by and happy Earth Day!

  1. I love how gesso is such a fabulous equalizer for all the different surfaces. Great idea to scratch back the pull off tabs! Super multi media idea for anyone who is temped but still on the fence. You have such a creative mind Shari!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! Seriously, soda pop can tabs, a straw, a cap and a toilet paper roll to create a flower. Amazing!

  3. What a great project – for every day!!! I’ll do something like this with my very artistic 5-year-old granddaughter! Every day should be earth day! Thanks Shari for another wonderful project!

  4. Love this trend of upcycling & DIY. This is what we did before we had all these awesome embellishments we could buy. Love that we can buy things but when I have time, I do love to upcycle & DIY. It is very satisfying . This little clipboard is super cute & not too hard to make, chances are many items are already in the house. Thank you!!(cant get rid of this Y

  5. How neat! Love the way you have reused the soda tabs and straw! Thanks for the inspiration, this is a great project to keep the kids busy!

  6. This is fabulous!! I noticed the straw right away! Brilliant!! We recycle here as well – but I haven’t used any of my recycling in such a creative way as you have!

  7. So very clever and charming! I love your creative use of upcycled products. Thanks for sharing and Happy Earth Day!

  8. Shari, you have made a wonderful project for Earth Day. I love the ideal of recycling the clip board no including a child for this project.

  9. Shari, this is so earthy and definitely creative. Love all the items you recycled to design your clip board. This is brilliant!

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