Did You Know? Fun Facts and Crafty Tips! November 2018 Edition

Hello creative friends, it’s Nina-Marie here with you today! Welcome to the first edition of our newest monthly series, Did You Know? !

Each month we will be bringing you fun facts, creative tips and even crafty hacks about your favorite supplies and brands; you can then use these awesome tips that you learn in your next crafting projects! Are you ready to learn some fun tricks? Keep on reading!



This small but mighty tool is a staple for anyone that loves to emboss; but did you know that you can use this little gadget to neutralize adhesives on the back of your stickers and sticky-backed embellishments?

The powder sticks to the adhesive and removes the stickiness, giving you a beautiful embellishment that can be used in so many ways … for example, you can add foam tape to the back and use it as a dimensional accent!

Note: You can also do this with a Powder Tool too.



The E6000 glue is not your typical spray adhesive; if you have not had good luck with spray adhesives in the past, you’re going to want to look into this must-have tool!

The E6000 adhesive is a no-odor alternative to aerosol spray adhesives; for those of you who want to avoid harsh chemical smells that other spray adhesives tend to give off, this is a great option. We love working with this adhesive to adhere delicate die cuts together.



Have you ever tried our Simon Says Stamp MISTI Grid Transparency? This amazing little tool is so helpful in perfectly aligning sentiments and images onto your cards. But did you know that it also keeps ink residue from transferring to your project in between stamping?

Use this creative must-have as you plan out the placement of your next card project; it’ll help ensure your card stays ink-free as you play around with your stamps!



The We R Memory Keepers Embossing Stylus Tools come in 5 different sized tips (plus a piercer!). We love these styluses because with this single set you are sure to have the perfect stylus for any paper type or technique!

Use the larger stylus tips for wider embossed lines; smaller tips are great for scoring heavier weight cardstocks, as they help minimize cracking when the paper is folded.




Did you know that our Simon Says Stamp Big Momma Foam Tape Roll is thinner than other foam tape rolls? Have you ever wondered what the benefit is to this? The less-bulky foam tape allows you to get raised dimension without your card becoming too thick!

This foam tape is great for many reasons, one of which is for when you are mailing cards. Less bulk means no extra postage!


To wrap up our November edition of Did You Know, would you like to learn a fun fact about one of the industry’s biggest brands?

Ranger – the creators of many of our favorite inky supplies! –  was founded in 1929 to create an exclusive line of commercial ink products for the U.S. banking industry! Who would have thought that almost 90 years later, Ranger would be one of the leading innovators of game-changing inks and more!

We hope you have enjoyed this month’s installment of Did You Know? ! Tune in again next month for a brand new edition of this fun series!


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E6000 8 OUNCE Spray Adhesive 20012
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E6000 4 OUNCE Spray Adhesive 30111
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  1. This definitely a fun new feature! It is great to know more about the crafty tools and supplies we use regularly. And I always love getting a glimpse into the stories behind my favourite brands.

  2. Cool tips and I am definitely a trivia junkie so that is a neat bit about Ranger’s history. I am definitely going to consider that e6000 spray adhesive to try – I presumed it was as stinky as the E6000 that comes in the tube!

  3. I came to your blog from having seen this in my email because I want to say thank you for starting a series with handy tips. I also enjoyed reading about the origins of Ranger Inks.

  4. This series is a great idea! Love fun facts and tips to make my tools even more useful. Thanks for this, I look forward to lots more. :)

  5. This was amazing. Even though I already use some of these products, I learned more about them, and I also learned about products that I want to try. Great article. Looking forward to the next one!

  6. this is a great feature. I already learned some things. Showing how to use a center ruler would be helpful for people too, I think. I love my Tim Holtz piercing ruler. But using a piercer on a scor-board is something i never thought of. I didn’t have such good luck with the E6000 glue though, mine kept clogging and i threw it away. :(

  7. Thank you for all the valuable info on Fun Facts & Crafty Tips! Love my Misti Grid Transparency..would be lost without it. Any tips that will improve my craft making is greatly appreciated. Have added several items to my SSS wish list!

  8. I thought this feature would suggest more uses for the items. I would question why would you want to remove the stickiness from a sticker and then put dimensional foam on it. Wouldn’ The stickiness help to adhere the foam?

  9. This is full of tips and good information! Even though I have some of the products, there’s always something new to learn about see if it would fit in my crafting needs. Thanks!

  10. I’ve ordered long time ago the MISTI grid transparency and received a grid cut the “wonky” way to say it nicely ! And there was no way to adjust it.

    Now, I’ve printed the free version I found on My Sweet Petunia’s website, and it’s working perfectly !

  11. LOVE this feature…thanks, Nina-Marie for the great tips and tricks to help us get more from our crafting projects.

  12. What a great series! I love to hear about new products and how I can use products I already have, in different ways! That foam tape looks awesome- I run out of it so fast!

  13. I did not know! Thanks for the helpful hints about the different tools, and I’m kind of gobsmacked about Ranger being the official inker for the mint for a while. That is so cool!

  14. Enjoyed reading about the products! I tend to think of just one way to use a product (such as foam tape) and it’s good to discover another use. And it’s also fun to learn a bit about a major company in the industry, such as Ranger.

  15. Love this new serie, always learning new things. For example, I didn’t know there is a odorless spray adhesive.
    And the fact about Ranger is great, didn’t know that either. Thank you Nina-Marie and I already curious what you going to tell us next month!

  16. Great job Nina. I knew a couple of these but it is fun to learn new things. Look forward to the next edition. Thanks

  17. Oh wow, this is such a great new feature! Thanks for all those great tips and product ideas … I’ll look out for that spray adhesive!

  18. Thanks Nina for this great info! I’ve always loved Ranger inks–but they started in making money which is a good thing! I’m going to try some of the tools you’ve mentioned, thanks!

  19. Love this new feature. Would love to see one of your video tutorials showing the E6000 in action on the delicate die cuts. I’ve been using liquid glue but like the idea of the spray adhesive.

  20. Interesting new feature. That E6000 sounds interesting. I have had a problem with E6000 over the years, the tubes get thick and dry up before I can use them. Hope this spray doesn’t do this, it really is a fabulous adhesive.
    Thanks for this new feature, will be looking for it next month.

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