In Honor Of Suzanne McNeill!

Hello readers!
I’d like to introduce you to Suzanne McNeill! Suzanne just recently won an industy award for her work of being published, creating her company, and her mentoring over other designers/books being published! The complete story is below, along with Suzanne’s beautiful photo!

At the end of that paragraph, it mentions Suzanne’s love for Zentangle! Zentangle is finding “zen” (or calmness, soothing feelings) through “tangles” (or doodles) in repetitive patterns. Check out some examples from Suzanne’s blog below, and be sure to show her some love and be inspired at her blog!

Here, Suzanne took a normal dragonfly stamp and used Zentangle techniques to fill in the wings! What a create way to take a normal stamp with white space, and make it unique! The squares below the dragonfly are “step outs”. The red lines in each square are the next step, or newest additions in the pattern to show you exactly how to recreate!
I just love this dress! You could take simple coloring books with their black outlines, and fill in all the pictures with Zentangle designs! What a calm way to spend an afternoon this winter with some hot coffee or tea!

Don’t stop at doing the techniques on paper.. anything that can take a pen or marker can be Zentangle-fied!

LinkLike I said- anything! In a blog post about Art of the Carolinas, Suzanne shares this image from Penny Arrowood and her Zentangled high-top sneakers! Talk about personalizing your style!

I saved my favorite image for last, plus it helps explain how sweet Zentangle can be! I love the bird with the sentiment of relaxation and focus!

I hope this post helped explain how creative Zentangle can be, and how amazing and intricate some of Suzanne’s works are! Thanks Suzanne for helping mold parts of our industry and making a difference!
If you’d like to win the blog candy featured above today, please comment on our blog and write Suzanne some love!

Thanks for reading!

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