Happy COLOR Friday! Black Friday Isn’t Just Black at Simon Says Stamp!


Happy Black COLOR Friday!  We are so very excited to share our colorful news with YOU!

Two very lovely people worked closely with me to develop a new program of color at Simon.  You see, I’m not all that creative.  Truth be told, the process of making cards makes me happy.  I’ve always enjoyed the art of making and sharing cards.  Rubber stamping has made the process so much easier, more clean, more elegant.  It’s not like I can draw…and my handwriting is barely legible these days.  Yet, rubber stamps on fabulous card stock with fabulous ink….those are the fundamental ingredients for card making.  Right?

Do you remember the first time you stamped to create a card?  Man, oh man,  I sure do.  So very clearly.  It was in Swanton, Ohio at my big sister’s house.  It was early 2001 and I was 25 years old.  Always, always, always, I have loved to craft.  Card making was the perfect adult evolution of that for me.  My sister just KNEW it -and so graciously invited me to her home for a stamping party.  Imagine my excitement when I could create sophisticated cards by inking stamps onto cardstock!?  Oh yes, the clean swipe of a perfectly inked stamp.  Yes! yes! yes!  The act of stamping makes my heart skip a beat in that quick instant when ink kisses the paper and my eye anxiously peers to see the image left behind.  Do you feel excitement in this instant too?

Working with Kristina Werner and Shari Carroll is awesome!  Artistically they have exactly what it takes to help select the best colors for our Simon palette.  Kristina has such a keen eye for design.  I’ve never met anyone like her.  Shari has such depth of experience and is what many call “The queen of color”.  The three of us have had such fun selecting colors for the Simon palette.  We wanted ink that would match what we consider the most perfect card stock.  We believe the ideal card making stock is 100# heavy cover weight.  It’s smooth and perfect for stamping.  We wanted ink colors that would not only coordinate with the card stock, but also be premium dye ink.  It was important to source the ink in the USA.  Working closely with ink manufacturer Stewart Superior, we have been able to color match our cardstock with Stewart’s Memories formula ink.  It’s been a process, but one we have deeply enjoyed!

Simon Says Stamp’s initial color release includes the 14 colors you see below (13 plus black)  However, we have more incredible colors that we would really like to bring out to you through 2014.  First we need to know…  Do you want them?  Do you like them?  Are you feeling it like we are feeling it?

Kristina had a fun idea to include a swatch book in the release.  You can purchase the swatch book separately or if you choose to purchase the entire 14 color ink set, you will receive the swatch book as a gift with purchase.   The swatch book includes a small photopolymer clear stamp set, 30 papers, 14 card stock rectangles, and a silver ring.

We hope you are having a wonderful week!  Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the United States and I am most thankful for the people in my life.  You can probably see that in my career I am surrounded by not only incredibly talented folks, but also fun, funny, kind, clever, smart, generous, positively incredible people.  Folks like you!  We are all so very lucky to be in this industry where it is our job to create, spread kindness, share, and be thoughtful of others.  Thank you for being here!  Thank you for spreading joy through the acts of card making!

Thank you for being here!  Thank you for being you!  Thank you for being part of the best industry on earth!  Please don’t be shy…we’d love to hear from you below.  We will choose from among the comments below to receive a $25 gift certificate to www.SimonSaysStamp.com.

Heidi Crowl
Founder of Simon Says Stamp. Crazy in Love with my hubby and life partner, Mommy of two fun(ny) kiddos, forever mom to our pup Simon who sadly passed over the Rainbow bridge, and a new mom to our family protector German Shepherd. Lover of all things art, craft, and stamp related. Goofball at heart.
  1. I always love coordinating cs and inks like they do at PaperTrey Ink and MFT. So this is wonderful news. I just don’t like neon, but that’s my own preference, I know a lot of people do! Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m really excited about the new colors, and that they are dye and not pigment. I think there’s a lot of pigment out there right now and while I like it, I hate cleaning up after it. Love that there are papers to match and the swatch book is such a good idea!

  3. I think this is a great idea! I am just starting out with stamping, so I am still trying to build my supplies of card stock and ink. These would make a wonderful addition!

  4. Congrats on the next step for Simon! I can not wait time try out the new inks and paper. I love shen things coordinate! Excited to see what comes up next. :)

  5. Congrats on the new ink and paper. Can’t wait to give it a try. I am thankful for a company like yours and the designs and products you make available to us.

  6. I am excited to see the new inks and papers. What a wonderful addition to Simon’s product line. The swatch book is a fantastic idea.

  7. ooh… you guys are on a roll. Already in love with your stamps. Now another hole in my pocket! .. Congrats! can’t wait to try these inks.

  8. Congratulations on a great range of inks and papers. They look fantastic! Well done SSS on increasing your product range.

  9. I am going to hint to my better half today that all the paper and ink pads would be a wonderful birthday present! I love your site and adore Kristina and Shari! Merry Christmas!

  10. I am going to hint to my better half today that all the paper and ink pads would be a wonderful birthday present! I love your site and adore Kristina and Shari! Merry Christmas to all of you!

  11. exciting! congratulations…i love your stuff so I’m sure I’ll adore the inks and papers. Stewart inks are so crisp. Can’t wait to try them. And if it has Kristina and Sharri’s stamp of approval, I know it will be amazing.

  12. Matching card stock and ink makes producing beautiful cards so much easier. And how wonderful that your new card stock is base weight thickness. Yippee. Shopping for everything at Simon Says Stamps will now allow me to get matching paper and inks, great quality stamps and dies, beautiful embellishments, and pretty patterned papers all at the same place with NO shipping. (if the order is over $75) I have found no other company that does this. So happy for you, and me! :-)

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