Happy Birthday, John!

Happy Birthday John

Did you know? Today is John Travolta’s birthday! Shake your groove thang in celebration! Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow for a gorgeous mixed media project by the amazing Shari Carroll!!


  1. John Travolta??? Now THERE is a name I haven’t heard in a while! (Notice I recognized it though! HAHA)
    Happy Birthday John! LOL

  2. I used to like John Travolta until he started preaching to us about air quality & climate change, all the while having two full-sized fuel guzzling jet planes parked on his front lawn, and 7 homes. Hard to take someone like that serious. But, Happy Birthday anyway, John.

  3. Happy Bday to John, I hope everything is well with Wanda and that she comes back soon I miss her post… have a wonderful day!

  4. I love John so much and loved him in Grease that I name my little doggie Kenicke! Happy Birthday John even if I’m a day late!

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