Happy April! … And we’re not fooling!

Hi friends! Happy April Fools Day!  We have a very special promotion that we’ve never had before this weekend! Free shipping to USA customers who make a $75 or more purchase, and $7.99 off a $75 or more purchase for our friends in other countries outside the USA! Please enjoy and have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks for remembering your overseas customers too. Not many companies give shipping discounts to us.
    New Zealand

  2. Where are the sale items? I’ve been looking for 15 minutes. Is this the April Fools joke? If so, I’m not really enjoying it. :(

  3. Nice. No good for me though as my lovely partner has just treated me to a whole lot of goodies lately. My turn to be nice as his birthday is coming up.

  4. I don’t have $ 75.00 to spend, but I’m sure many fellow crafters would appreciate your generosity. Way to go Heidi and team!!

  5. Nice idea, but I never have $75 all at once to spend on craft goodies. :( But happy shopping and shipping to those that do!!

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