Colorado Craft Company STAMPtember® 2021 Exclusive Collaboration!


Created by Yana Smakula
Created by Daniel West
Created by Caly Person
Created by Nichol Spohr
Created by Keisha Charles
Created by Cindy Norberg
Created by Heather Ruwe
Created by Cathy Zielske
Created by Suzy Plantamura
Created by Sidnie Des Jardins
Created by Mindy Eggen
Created by Jennifer Kotas

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

  1. This stamp set is amazing, and just beautiful inspiration. I am so sad I missed out on it. I was breastfeeding my 6 month old when it released, by the time she had fed and I got to my credit card, they had all sold out :( Hadn’t even been 30 min since it was released!

    1. I wanted to suggest another stamp set by Colorado Craft Company titled “So Sweet” as it also has mice and sweets with a birthday theme. It is slimline but the 5 mice along the bottom are all individual stamps. You could easily adapt to an A2 format. It is so similar that I was not interested in this Stamptember set. Please check this out as I think it will be a good substitute.

  2. You guys really need to increase the quantity you offer. Every year they sell out earlier and earlier and leave more and more of your your followers disappointed. Last year most sets sold out in hours, this year is even worse.

  3. So sad the West Coast needs to lose sleep if they want some of these Stamptember stamp sets. So many are gone before I get up in the morning. Maybe you need to increase production numbers if you want to retain happy customers. What time do you actually release them? If you published a release time on the East coast, say 8 am, and opened up 1/4 of the quantity then, and then another 1/4 at the same time Central Time, another 1/4 Mountain Time and the final 1/4 Pacific time then more people might get a chance at some of these. You could also take orders that close after 12 hours and then make more to be delivered later to those who have paid in advance. Other companies do this and I have never heard people grumble like I am hearing about this event. Figure out something that makes your customers happy, PLEASE!

  4. Hi. This stamp set is so cute. It was sold out by the time I got up this morning. Since my work day starts early morning, it’s hard for me to stay up beyond midnight to see what’s on the exclusive for the following day. It’s too bad, but I wish everyone who was lucky enough to get one, all the best.

  5. Oh my gosh! The inspiration for this stamp set is amazing. I love what the artists did with it. So many talented people and so many different takes on one stamp set. Love it.

  6. Maybe have a spot for pre-orders released for the full day and place an order for everyone who missed the in stock items

  7. Lots of inspiration for these amazing Anita Jeram sets. I hesitated and didn’t grab it right away, but will be trying some other sets – they are darling.

    (My wallet is appreciative of the fact that some have sold out before I got to purchase :). Lovely collaboration set.

  8. Such a cute set … I love Marlene’s suggestion of So Sweet instead. I even got an email from CCC saying they will have a special promotion on So Sweet on Monday

    1. Which is wonderful on CCC’s part as they don’t have to do that. I got the same email and thought “wow, that’s wonderful”.

  9. Love the set and all of the Adorable cards!!!! CCC has lots of these mice/rat sets they are ALL adorable!!! SSS you’re doing an AWESOME job!!! Kindness Matters people!!!!

  10. Check out eBay. Last year some gal sold Gina K. and Brutus Monroe and several others and made TONS of money on people who couldn’t get what they wanted. I thought that was a real shame. Making money off of others who really wanted them. So it goes…..

    1. That happens with any limited edition in any collecting field. It doesn’t surprise me one bit. And those that got one of the highly desired sets to resell are already rubbing their hands in anticipation of the big markup. SSS is shipping pretty quickly – today I got two Stamptember sets I ordered earlier in the week on separate days. So, these mice will be on Etsy/Ebay fairly soon, I would imagine.

  11. Yes, it can be disappointing not to get a stamp set that you like. Been there, done that. But I remember “it’s just a stamp set” and I dig out one that I already have and use it. If I want it badly enough, I’m sure someone on Ebay or Etsy will be selling it – for wads more if it’s a limited edition set that sold out quickly. LOL Anyway, SSS will never be able to make everyone happy with the sets that sell out. I imagine it’s really hard to gauge how popular a set will be. Plus, you have to allow for the DTs to get their free sets (assuming that’s part of being a DT – free stamp sets) and then guestimate how many customers there will be for any given set. If they don’t sell out, then SSS has to toss them (assuming that) and they’ve wasted money and resources in that set. I can’t even imagine that headaches involved in ordering more later for those that missed out initially; many mfgrs have a minimum required order. Never mind releasing a certain amount for each time zone. What about farther west or east? Yeah, not happening.

  12. I usually don’t like to post negativity but I have been very disappointed with Stamptember. It could be I am doing something incorrectly because this is my first time. I live in the EST zone and stayed up past midnight and never see the new releases. Sometimes it takes days before show up on the website. For instance this morning 2 new sets showed up from 2 different companies that were not there yesterday and of course they were sold out. I feel like I have been wasting my time staying up past midnight and checking everyday so far this month.

    1. I like to check on the blog as those pop up very quickly. The latest blog will show you what the newest offerings are. I live on the West Coast so I start checking a few minutes after 9PM (midnight when they drop) and the newest offerings are almost always there. Maybe you need to refresh the page. A few times it didn’t show the current offerings so I closed it and reopened it. Then it worked just fine. Good luck!

  13. I have repeatedly ordered postcards for delivery from Colorado Craft Company and have always been pleased with their design and quality. In addition, they have a well-established 24/7 customer support If there were some problems with long delivery, I contacted the call center and my question was politely and quickly resolved. I am impressed with the customer focus of this company. I will be happy to shop with them and recommend them to my friends.

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