Celebrate Women Blog Hop!

Celebrate Women Blog Hop

Happy Thursday, friends! We are so excited to welcome you to a very special blog hop today!

In the wee hours of the morning today, we unveiled two beautiful new Simon exclusive stamp sets that celebrate women. We can’t wait for you to see!

Incredible Woman is a gorgeous 6×8 set that features clever sentiments with “hidden” titles for women—Mother, Mama, Grandma, Mum, and Aunt—and beautiful florals, too. There are so many creative possibilities with this set!

Incredible Woman stamp set

The second set—Good Job Mama (a CZ Design exclusive set for Simon Says Stamp)—celebrates the real talk of motherhood. Give your mama friends the encouragement they crave to power through the runny noses, the endless laundry, and the major meltdowns. Those female connections help to ease the frustrations and doubts that creep in when things seem to be out of control. This set also includes coordinating dies for extra interest and dimension. 

Good Job Mama stamp set
Good Job Mama set
Good Job Mama dies

OK! Let’s get a sneak peek of what’s in store for our blog hop today with inspiration from Shari Carroll! Shari used the Incredible Woman stamp set to create this beautiful tribute to mom:

Celebrate Women Blog Hop Shari Carroll Incredible Woman stamp set

We love our customers! And we love your enthusiasm for our blog hops. To celebrate women, Simon has an extra special free gift set aside just for you—our Mother’s Day Themed Sentiment Strips! Check out the details on the banner at the top of this post.

Ready for even more gorgeous and empowering inspiration? Hop along with these talented designers! You’ll be inspired when you see what this rock star team of ladies has created with these awesome stamp sets. We’d love for you to leave comments on each blog for these designers who work hard to inspire and excite us!

We would love to know what women in your life inspire you! Leave a comment to pay homage to the strong female mentors in your life. 

Thanks again for joining us today! We hope you LOVE these two brand new sets!

  1. What amazing new products! We can never have enough sentiments that lift up all the amazing things we women do! I love the CZ set so much I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! Thank you!!!!

  2. Aww, this ‘hidden’ titles set would’ve been perfect for my Grandma – My confidante & crafty mentor – but unfortunately she passed last year 🙁. The CZ Set is awesome too though!

  3. My mom & my 3 sisters are my rock & my inspirations. They are kind, loving, thoughtful, hardworking, and supportive mothers, grandmothers & Godmothers to do many lucky children. Thank you SSS for celebrating all women in our lives.

  4. Both sets are GORGEOUS! My mom and my identical twin sister (mom of a 3 & 5 year old) and my 97 year old grandma inspire me!

  5. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I have some amazing women in my life & these sets will be perfect. Love that I can spell Aunt and Mom, as both inspire me.

  6. They’re a nice addition… though I, and I’m sure many people, have many amazing women in my life, who are neither biologically related to me nor parenting children. It is a shame that these two new sets have no main sentiments to recognise these women.

  7. These are lovely stamp sets. The Mamas in my life now are my daughters – and they would love to receive a card made from any of these sets!

  8. I love those sentiments! And Shari’s card is beautiful! TFS! Being the 5th of 6 children, besides my Mom, my three older sisters inspired, mentored and helped me be the person I am today, and I’m so grateful for them!

  9. These stampsets are just fantastic!! Perfect to celebrate women indeed! My mom is my inspiration in a lot of things, I look to her whenever I need a motivation, an opinion, a solution, a friend to talk to, anything! :)

  10. My mother, who is no longer with us, is my sole inspiration. She taught herself how to read, write and speak English; she sewed clothing beautifully just by looking at a piece; she crocheted, knit, etc. Learned to cook American food. She was a kind soul and a great lady!

  11. I like the sentiments a lot just wish there was one for sister, my Mother and most of my aunts are deceased. so I just have my sisters who are amazing women!!

  12. Absolutely fantastic sets for those who have these outstanding women in their lives. :)

    I didn’t have a mother around as I was growing up, it was just my dad and I, but a fabulous aunt and great grandmother were very special to me. I have fond memories of time with each of them.

  13. Fabulous celebration of women. I lost my mom in 1991, and what I wouldn’t give to make a card for her with these stamp sets.

  14. Gorgeous sentiment sets. Love the card. My sister inspires me everyday. She keeps going despite many challenges, mostly invisible to those around her. She has worked so hard and still does, everyday. Despite everything she is always there to help others and I love her. Hugz

  15. What a great way to honor and share some love with the amazing women in my life! I am grateful for the women who have mothered, supported, cried, listened and loved me and my children.

    Great card, Shari!

  16. I love these new stamp sets, and those cards are amazing! I have a wonderful mother and I love making cards with my daughter as it connects us together.

  17. Thank you for acknowledging Auntie’s with the stamp set. I love my nieces and nephews like they were my own children and my aunties are very treasured in my life.

  18. Both my mom and my mother in law have passed, but I still see many ways I could use these stamps for my daughter-in-law and mother af my grand children, and not just on Mother’s Day!

  19. Of course my Mom was my biggest mentor who always inspired me to just be me, be honest and to be kind to everyone. Sadly, she passed away in 2017. I miss her every second of every day!

  20. What beautiful cards! Your designers are amazing! I have had a series of friends who have inspired me to be a better person. So many have blessed my life and made it richer.

  21. Love the card and new release. My mom inspires me the most. 84yrs old and still has an immaculate house and cooks everyday.

  22. These are such beautiful sets!! Sadly, my mom passed away in 2006. She was, and continues to be, a great inspiration.

  23. Love the sets! The inspiration is wonderful and gets me thinking who I can make cards for. I no longer have any women folk to send these to, but thinking about it, perhaps my sisters!

  24. My mother was the strongest woman I’ve ever known. These sentiments are great for celebrating the women in all our lives.

  25. I am inspired by my mentors/teachers throughout my career, setting high standards for themselves and others.

  26. Fabulous set and what a great idea for a blog hop. I spent a lot of time this week talking to various people about the influence my mom had on me – instilling in me her ability to organize, and work ethic, as well as my appreciation of our immigrant background, and the diversity of our community. Thank you for inspiring me to celebrate her also through crafting.

  27. When I was young, my maternal grandma was a force of nature and I admired her strength and forthrightness, along with her strong love of family. As an adult, many times I worked in male dominated offices but was fortunate to have a number of strong women to emulate and who inspired me.

    Both sets are terrific, love all the encouraging and supportive sentiments!

  28. My Mom is the strongest and kindest woman I know <3
    I love these new products, already put in my order!! Thanks

  29. Two amazing sets to Celebrate the women in our lives ! I love that they Celebrate our moms, granamas, and Aunties as well as our fellow moms. I celebrate my mom and my grandmother (s )every day ; they are both ( all ) deceased; through the way I live my life and have raised my own family. They were strong caring women who cared for their families, worked full time jobs;took care of families and husbands ( two were nurses ); they were active in their church and communities. They loved their families and their gardens !! They were beautiful women full of love, life and laughter . Love Shari’s hidden MaMa card; the colors are so refreshing !

  30. Though I no longer have my own mother to celebrate on Mother’s Day I love this collection and would certainly find lots of ways to use it. I can think of several young mothers who deserve a card for their excellent mothering skills.

  31. I can not wait to order the stamp sets and dies! It is so true that as mothers we struggle sometimes. I saw a thing on Facebook the other day that said something on the lines of sometime in their lives we are going to hug our children knowing that we needed that hug more than they did. I apologize because I don’t remember who’s quote it was but it’s that so true? I reflected back to when mine were little and just wanted to play. Those hugs we snuck in then are priceless and I know now that mine are in high school, I don’t get as many hugs but I sure remember those. Cheers to moms out there! Pet moms too! Love you all!

  32. What a beautiful set to celebrate Mom, grandma, Mama & Mother I love them all…I don’t have a mother but my daughter is a mother and very strong woman I honor and celebrate her every day and especially on Mother’s Day

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