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Back in July, we introduced a beautiful and brave young girl named Maddy Justice who was fighting Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  We asked any and everyone far and wide to get out their crafting tools and make something special for Maddy to uplift her spirits through this very difficult time. We were beyond pleased at the outpouring of love that was shared from continent to continent and so very happy to be able to pass along many cards of love and encouragement to Maddy & her family.

We’re pleased to report that Maddy is on the road to recovery! It is something that will require a lot of dedication and hard work, but thankfully, Maddy is safely home with her family!!

Please read this uplifting excerpt from a journal update from her mother:

Today, exactly 7 weeks into her last round…almost exactly 7 months since the day she walked into Riley Children’s Hospital…Maddy finally gets to go home……for good. And after four rounds of intense chemo, surgery for a central line placement, numerous biopsies and spinal taps, countless scans consisting of xrays, CAT scans, pet scans, MRIs and ultrasounds, EKGs, echos, blood draws, a pic line placement and removal, blood and platelet transfusions, TPN and a bone marrow transplant (and the many behind the scenes procedures, pain, and complications) Maddy’s treatment is complete.

The feeling of finally being done is so surreal and fills me with mixed emotions. There is excitement in knowing that I can have my family all back home again and that our life can continue forward. Yet, there is fear because the treatments being done on Maddy to kill the cancer is finished…that the work by the doctors is complete…and now it is up to Maddy and her sister’s precious stem cells to keep the cancer away. No matter how much time goes by, no matter how old Maddy is, I will always look over my shoulder. I also know that in time that feeling of worry will lessen as each year passes that she is cancer free, but it will never go away. 

We are so pleased that this wonderful family is in the comfort of their own home together again!  Once again, thank you all so very much for sending such gorgeous cards and messages of encouragement to Maddy & her family during this very difficult time, it was undoubtedly greatly appreciated!

We encourage you to continue following Maddy & her progress by visiting and check in on Maddy’s progress.  She has her own site – maddyjustice (no capitals or spaces in the name). Marizel, Maddy’s mother (seen above), journals about her experiences with contributions from Tim, Melanie, and Maddy, herself.

Thanks again for your outpouring of love!!

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