Art Journal: Be Original with Shari Carroll

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m sharing an art journal page I created using the Dina Wakley Media Boards. To start off, I used Tim Holtz Grit Paste to add some texture then played with acrylic paints to get a watercolor effect. By using paints as your base you can use other mediums on top without fear of your colors running or moving.

Shari Carroll, Art Journal

Once I had my background texture and color in place, I used some paste through a stencil to add more dimension. The stenciled image breaks up the background with the addition of white and additional texture.

Shari Carroll, Art Journal

I finished off my design by stamping a couple of flowers which I painted with diluted acrylic paint and then I added a few Small Talk message strips. I love the overall look of this entry with it’s vibrant watercolor effect which flows in and around the texture.

Shari Carroll, Art Journal

I have filmed a full process video that you can view below or on our YouTube channel HERE.

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Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Journaling!

  1. I just love this so much! I just bought my first art journal but I haven’t had a chance to start…I would love it some time if you’d film a flip thru yours! I was inspired to start because of your work! :)

  2. I always love watching your creative process for mixed media projects, I always, always get inspired. I loved watching you keep the halves together only to separate them at the end. I only glimpsed the final project so I didn’t realize the two pieces would be separated at the end. I love that I idea, it looks awesome, you didn’t another beautiful job and your art journal is going to be amazing at the end!!! Thanks for sharing .

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! When I go to make my next canvas, I am going to keep your posts open on my PC so I can refer to them. They’re always so pretty!

  4. It was so relaxing watching you create the panel; at the same time you inspire me to be FEARLESS! Thank you!

  5. Beautiful piece of work and enjoyed watching the process. I have a question about clear gesso. Is it supposed to be gritty? I purchased Liquitex brand and used it on a journal page and was surprised by the gritty texture and I wondered if this is normal. There was a lot of grit in the water once it settled on the bottom of the rinse pan. I didn’t shake it first and wonder if I should have.

    1. Hi Deborah,
      I’d say that’s a lot of grit… probably too much. I’d try stirring it a bit to see if it’s better.


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