Amore Laura Fadora: Sending You Love

Amore Laura Fadora Sending You Love

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by for the latest edition of Amore, Laura Fadora with the fabulous Laura Bassen! Today, Laura has picked a gorgeous palette inspired by Pinterest to make a love card using our Hope Blooms stamp and die set as well as our Kristina’s Love stamp and die set designed by Kristina Werner. Please be sure to watch the video for more information and enjoy!

Amore Laura Fadora Feature

Watch the video:

Amore Laura Fadora Sending You Love


Thanks for reading today, and to Laura for being our guest!

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  1. This is a beautiful card Laura. I live the color combination and the love die cuts fit in perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’re right….definitely not your beautiful rainbow cards that you make…but still very lovely!! I’m going to check out that Rifle Paper Co for color ideas.

  3. Love the card! I like the rainbows still too though. My girls are 11 and 13 and I really miss the AG doll days and Lego Friends. Now, it’s all SnapChat and who is dating who. You are lucky you still have Emma keeping it real for you.

  4. Absolutely love this card. What a fun stamp and die set! Beautiful colors. Going to the paper company for inspiration. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful. Your color choices are awesome. I love the look and it matches the photo pretty good. Yours is prettier.
    Kids are a joy and the mess will be missed once they are grown and moved on.. I miss my kids and the mess and fun, laughter. Now I get to see the mess their kids leave.. LOL fun times.

  6. Laura, I’m never tired of your rainbow cards! ? This is a beautiful card even though it’s not rainbow. ☺️ Love all of your stories/videos!

  7. I very stunning color combo! I love it Laura! I will have to look up Riffel paper company now. What a brilliant card.

  8. What a nice card! Love the different color combo & blue card base! Your videos are always fun. Thanks for sharing your clean up story. I need to that & I have no little ones.

  9. Beautiful card. Not to far out of your wheel house, it still has many pretty colors. I didn’t realize you designed this set. I’m in love with it. You are one talented lady. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Laura–I love all of your cards! The color combo in this card is wonderful and I really like your new stamp and die design. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I think this is one of my favorite cards!! I am a flower girl so I absolutely ADORE the beautiful flowers.Gorgeous!! Amazing job!

  12. Gorgeous card and unique color combo, Laura! Your videos are always so delightful and have to chuckle at reality. Thanks for being yourself!

  13. Beautiful card Laura! Refreshing color combo! That being said…..never stop creating rainbow cards! They are some of my favorites! Always so happy! Thanks for sharing. Love your videos and stories of your life!

  14. Laura your card is beautiful as always! I love the color combination. Thanks for sharing.

  15. A def. departure from your usual style, but still with a great sense of color. Feel free to send Bailey to my house anytime!

  16. I love this card, Laura! Perfect take on your inspiration. The blue background is what struck me the most! I have every color of the rainbow and yet I always seem to reach for the neutrals as my card base. This card is an excellent reminder for me to break that habit!

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