The Linky Is Open

Sincere apologies for the early closure of the linky. To make sure that all of your entries are linked we will keep the Birthday/Celebration challenge open until tomorrow, Thursday morning 8am EST.

We apologise for any inconvenience.



  1. although it is very nice of you to apologies, I am sure it was not needed. you run the challenge in your own time and for free, giving something for nothing. so a minor blip like the wrong date on the linky should not get folks upset.
    I actually only popped over to find out what the new challenge is as I have a day off lol. sad its not here but again, cant complain… you do this for us for nothing. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment Zuzu :-) The new challenge will be posted at 9 am EST, that will be in just over 2 hours time, so not long to wait :-)

  2. Hi, I thought maybe you’d closed early cos you were having a big birthday party. LOL I’m with Zuzu, no apologies necessary, thanks for great challenges, inspiration from the DT and your very generous prizes. What’s wrong with a little surprise now and again to keep us on out toes. Thanks for all your hard work. Have a great day Hugs

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