Welcome to the Distress family, Lost Shadow!

Hi friends! Happy Saturday! We are so beyond delighted to let out the fun surprise…. the new color is LOST SHADOW!! Be sure to watch Tim’s livestream to learn all the details of why this just might be the must-have neutral you never knew you were missing until now!! All of the variations of this color are IN-STOCK and shipping NOW!

Shop to find your new favorite!


Created by Shari Carroll
Created by Beth Opel
Created by Beth Opel
Created by Nina-Marie Trapani
Created by Nina-Marie Trapani
Created by Nina-Marie Trapani
Created by Nina-Marie Trapani
Created by Susan R. Opel
Created by Caly Person
  1. I’d love to see big swatches of the ink and oxide pads and sprays to really compare how they wick out before deciding what to buy. I’ve been searching YouTube’s and Google images all day and have not found any big examples with lots of wicking.
    As for the “makes,” it’s impossible to tell if they used pads or sprays, ink or oxide or a combination, and/or combined with other colors (please don’t say look at what’s already posted in blogs or YouTubes — I have!!), so again it doesn’t help with deciding what to get.

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