Thank You for the Kindness

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Hi readers! Happy Wednesday! I’m excited to be reprising this card design idea from the bubbly and fun Laura Bassen from just shy of 4 years ago! She always sprinkles in fun trivia in her blog along with teaching so be sure to tune in to find out the plural of Ranunculus! The flower that is about as hard to spell as it pronounce! Ha! I love the way she colored the Painted Kindness in ombre, and added a speckle of black and white ink with a paint brush! You may just have to collect all of the Zig Clean Color Markers after watching this!! Be sure to watch the video, and enjoy!

kindness side

Watch the video:



Thanks for reading today, and thanks to Laura for being our guest!
  1. I almost had a heart attack when you cut your beautiful panel but this ended up so lovely. Hey, have you heard about Sticky Specs. Check them out at or Amazon. They are my newest “love it” tool.

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