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Want to WIN this awesome 6×8 The Stamping Village Birthday set? Simply comment on this post by telling us or tagging a friend that has a birthday coming up! The winner will be tagged in this thread on Friday! (January 31st)

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win this great stamp set! I love the idea of stamp companies collaborating for a good cause and have the first two sets they released. Sooo many possibilities with this new birthday set.

  2. This looks like such a wonderful stamp set! I could make so many birthday cards with it. :) I have a lot of family & friend birthdays this month and in the next couple of months! Lots of cards to make. :)

    1. Great stamp set…can never have too many birthday sets! There are six birthdays in the month of February for our family! Busy, busy….

  3. I love this set. I send more birthday cards than any other kind. December is the busiest month for birthdays in my family (six!), and the next one is not until April 9th (my daughter-in-law). However, I make birthday cards often for a relative who sends them out to her Sunday School class, so this set would definitely get a lot of use.

  4. Love this stamp set–so versatile and unique. I have 2 siblings, a niece and a nephew who all have birthdays in April–this set will allow me to make very different cards for each of them!

  5. Me and my crafty bestie, Nancy, just celebrated our birthdays! We have a ton of January birthdays in our family, not any in February though. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing stamps set!

  6. I can see endless possibilities with this stamp set and would love to win it. Another great product featured. Thank you.

  7. Most of the family birthdays are in the summer.
    The nearest is my son’s friend, Lura, who has a birthday
    on April 4. She always appreciates the effort I
    put into the cards. thanks for the chance to
    win a fun stamp set. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  8. Me!! I have a birthday coming up (2/18) – would love this set to make birthday cards for all my friends who have birthdays after me!!

  9. I have a birthday 2/24! I really love this set, especially because it’s for a good cause and because so many companies came together to create this. I hope to see a blog hop so I can get inspiration from all the talented people behind this.

  10. What an amazing and fun stamp set! Just celebrated 2 birthdays and I have 7 in February. I’m in constant need of inspiration for Bday cards. Thanks for a chance to win!!!

  11. My birthday is 02/05/2020, my daughter’s birthday is 02/20/2020 and my granddaughter’s birthday is 02/23/2020! I would put this set to great use!

  12. I would love to have this set! Just recently bought one of the other Stamping Village sets and I love it! I have a very dear friend that has a birthday coming up in February and need to get working on her birthday card!

  13. My birthday just passed!! But my best crafty friend’s birthday is coming up in March and i know she will love it so much! Such a versatile stamp set. Love it!

  14. Thank you for giving this stamping village birthday set , a chance to win. I would get great use in this set, for one , I have several friends birthdays in January and Feb. most of all , my birthday is in Feb. which would be a great birthday gift if I am picked to receive one of the sets!🎈🎈

  15. wonderful stamp set. There are a handful of birthdays coming in the next month, including my father and husband. Thank you for the chance

  16. I just celebrated my birthday this week. My friend has a special birthday this year on April 1st.
    I would love to win this set. So many ideas! Thanks for the chance.

  17. Lovely and oh so useful stamp set. We ALL have many birthday cards to make, this would be very helpful!
    Thanks for offering such a great prize. :)

  18. Really like this stamp set. My next to oldest sister has a birthday coming right up on February 12th along with a nephew and two friends. It will be a busy card month for sure. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  19. Fun set! I had a birthday on January 3, and have a bunch of family birthdays coming up in April. This set would be perfect!

  20. My best partner in crime is Janet Jordan. Her birthday is in May. It would be great fun to make a card for her using the Happy Birthday script and alllll the candles in different colors with a glitter pen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. My friend Joan Kinnischtzke has a birthday coming up soon and I would love to share this with her! Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  22. Oh I love new birthday greetings, this one is so sweet! I have a sister-in-law birthday coming up… I always have some left over goodies from Valentines so I am always challenged for a new greeting. Thanks for this chance to win, I do love this set so much.

  23. I would love to win the Stamping Village Birthday Set. Most of the cards I send are birthday cards. Having something unique artwork for them would be a welcome change.

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