Waffle Flower STAMPtember® 2021 Exclusive Collaboration!


Created by Laura Bassen
Created by Keisha Charles
Created by Jeanne Jachna
Created by Caly Person
Created by Kulbir Kirkland
Created by Rachel Arribas
Created by Rachel Arribas
Created by Barbara Tarayao
Created by Cindy Norberg

But WAIT, there’s MORE!

  1. This is just crazy. This is the 4th set i’ve tried to buy & it was literally “sold out” from under me. I made sure i stayed up til midnight (even tho I have to be up for work in 5 hours). I put the set IN my cart at 12:15 and added 2 other items to my cart & by the time I went to check out 5 minutes later, it was telling me it was SOLD OUT!!! If I already have one IN MY CART, it should still be available!!!??? I love all the work Heidi & her team have done to make this a “great STAMPtember,” but staying up til midnight half the month was a total bust for me. Sorry to say I won’t be doing this again. It’s a shame such a fuss is made & most of us don’t even get to purchase all the hyped up items. Congrats to those who hit checkout before i did.

  2. What a fantastic set, it will be so versatile! I missed out on the Tim Holtz and Gina K sets which I wanted as well, but was glad to be able to snag this one. Thanks for the great offerings this month. I look forward to next year’s event. Take care everyone, and happy crafting!

  3. I’m actually really disappointed and is a consequence disillusioned by Stamptember now. It’s already not an ideal set up for international customers as the time zone difference makes it harder to be ‘on time’ plus the shipping and taxes make the items so much more costly. Despite this I have tried to engage and tried to be a part of the event. I’ve missed out on 3 sets prior to this despite putting an alarm for about an hour after launch. This time I wasn’t taking chances and put my alarm for AT launch which is in the middle of the night for me yet I still missed it. The exclusivity I understand but the limited quantities is not it. For context I have been shopping with you since you wer emainly just an eBay page. I have been a part of EVERY Stamptember ever but this year has been really testing.

  4. Very frustrated with this attempted purchase. Was in my cart and checked out a couple of other items. At checkout was then unavailable. All in the span of 20 minutes from release. So sad.

  5. This year has been extremely frustrating trying to purchase Stamptember exclusives. When I checked at 11:15 (Central Daylight time) this set was already sold out. Appears to me it was grossly underestimated in how many to order.

  6. Will bee interesting to see what is available the last 2 days of Stamptember since all the Collaboratives are done.
    Rcvd email that my last 2 orders (Tim Holtz stamp & masks and Pretty Pink Posh Skiing Bear stamp/die set) are shipping.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  7. Very frustrated with Stamptember this year as many of the items sold out before even being posted. Not happy with that so won’t be wasting my time even looking at the reveals so quickly. Hopefully next year you will be more prepared with more supply to offer. Limited supply is one thing – but no supply immediately is just exasperating.

  8. I agree with the above comments about being frustrated that the items are gone before they are even posted and I live in Ohio just two hours away from Simon Says. Very disappointed in the sale.

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