Simon Says Stamp’s Super-Special United We Craft Party

Simon Says Stamp's Super-Special United We Craft Party

Welcome to our super-special and extra epic United We Craft Blog Party, friends!

Now more than ever, it’s time to sit down and craft with our loved ones, keep little hands busy, bring joy to family members, and virtually unite with our crafty friends! You can join us in this crusade by sharing your creative moments using #SSSUnitedWeCraft. Use the hashtag to share photos of what you create and who you create with in person or virtually. It’s our time to shine as card makers! 

So what’s this party all about? While we are staying at home and crafting up a storm to fill our time and do our best to flatten the curve, we wanted to give you a TON of inspiration using previously released Simon Says Stamp exclusive products that you might have in your stash.

Before you get started looking at all of the amazing projects you will see made by a whole slew of the best card makers out there, let’s take a look at two beautiful cards from Yasmin Diaz and Michelle Peckham that they created for our party today!

United We Craft Blog Party Yasmin Diaz Like You Words stamp set and Like You dies
United We Craft Simon Says Stamp Blog Party Michelle Peckham You Are Loved dies

Ready to explore? Below you’ll find links to our participants. Click away and be inspired! We’d love for you to leave happy little comments for these designers and let them know how much you appreciate their designs!

  1. Adelle Emery
  2. Amber Rain Davis
  3. Amy Rysavy
  4. Andy Granick
  5. Angela Simpson
  6. Anja Glauner
  7. Anna-Karin Evaldsson
  8. Arjita Singh
  9. Ashlea Cornell
  10. Ashley Tucker
  11. Barb Engler
  12. Barbara Tarayao
  13. Betty Wright
  14. Bibi Cameron
  15. Bobbi Lemanski
  16. Bonnie Crane
  17. Cathie Cowles
  18. Cathy Zielske
  19. Cheiron Brandon
  20. Christine Smith
  21. Cindy Norberg
  22. Courtney Kreeber
  23. Daniel West
  24. Debby Hughes
  25. Debby Yates
  26. Desiree Kuemmerle
  27. Emma Williams
  28. Gayatri Murali
  29. Hannelie Bester
  30. Heather Hoffman
  31. Heather Ruwe
  32. Ilda Dias
  33. Jana Millen
  34. Janette Kausen
  35. JD Collins
  36. Jeff Lindberg
  37. Jenn Shurkus
  38. Jennifer McGuire
  39. Jessica Vasher
  40. Jessie Banks
  41. Jill Dewey Hawkins
  42. Jo Nevill
  43. Joe Sysavath
  44. Joy Ott
  45. Karen Bull
  46. Karin Åkesdotter
  47. Kath Stewart
  48. Kathy Racoosin
  49. Keisha Charles
  50. Kim Hamilton
  51. Koren Wiskman
  52. Kristina Pokazanieva
  53. Laura Bassen
  54. Laurie Willison
  55. Lea Lawson
  56. Leigh Houston
  57. Lin Brandyberry
  58. Lisa Addesa
  59. Lisa Hetrick
  60. Lisa Tilson
  61. Lorraine Aquilina
  62. Lydia Fiedler
  63. Mandy Stacey
  64. Maria Fischer
  65. Maria Peters
  66. Maura Hibbitts
  67. Megin Brooks
  68. Meihsia Liu
  69. Michelle Lupton
  70. Michelle Peckham
  71. Michelle Short
  72. Mindy Eggen
  73. Miriam Prantner
  74. Natalia Valkovskaya
  75. Nichol Spohr
  76. Nina-Marie Trapani
  77. Norine Borys
  78. Olga Direktorenko
  79. Olga Mezentseva
  80. Pam Sparks
  81. Pam Torkelson
  82. Preeti Chandran
  83. Rosemary Dennis
  84. Sandi MacIver
  85. Sandra Mouwen
  86. Sarah Moerman
  87. Seeka Yang
  88. Shari Carroll
  89. Sidnie Des Jardins
  90. Susan R. Opel
  91. Suzy Plantamura
  92. Tania Vasta
  93. Tina Smith
  94. Vera Yates
  95. Virginia Lu
  96. Yana Smakula
  97. Yasmin Diaz
  98. Yoonsun Hur
  99. Yuliya Yavorskaya
  100. Zoey Emanuela Scarpelli

Thank you for taking the time to be inspired with us. Don’t forget to share YOUR creative moments with family and friends using #SSSUnitedWeCraft.

We hope that you are staying healthy and safe. We appreciate you so very much!

  1. Awesome cards and the other 99 will fill in the gaps when I am not creating myself. Fantastic idea! Wish I was a little more tech savy in order to set up a live chat with my crafting buddy that I can’t get together with weekly like we were doing!

  2. Well, yesterday I ordered about 15 items from you and today, after looking at all 99 participants, I have another list started. Kudos Simon Says for a great blog hop AND for such a great shopping site.

  3. I am just about to start the hop and looking forward to seeing some awesome crafty works of art!!! Thanks so much for organising this!! <3

  4. Hi from San Antonio! I’m an RN working on the front line of this crisis and often turn to Simon says stamp for inspiration and to get my creativity flowing to de-stress!

  5. THANK YOU thank you T H A N K Y O U thanks so much.
    Did I say Thank You. Seriously, this helps my creativity today so much. Although I create Fine Paper Greetings every day, I’ve struggled the last three days (no posts to Instagram!), but thanks to these images and your products, I’ve become inspired once again in this crisis. I agree with Page above, I often turn to Simon Says for inspiration as creativity is a de-stressor. Thanks Page and everyone who posted thus far. Now, if I can only get through the remaining 98 as mentioned by someone above. Jamie

  6. What an amazing blog party. I got so many wonderful ideas from all the designers. It was no small task putting this together, but it is really much appreciated.

    1. What a wonderful way to help us all de-stress and enjoy all the creativity. I have been making quite a few cards the last 2 weeks as I chose to physically isolate myself. Creating helps me get past all the negativity and worry so I am going to have fun reading and seeing all the terrific creations. Thank you for all the work putting this together and to all the participants! You are my “go to” company for my crafting supplies!!

  7. This is soooo awesome!! Love it. I’d love to be a part of this if you do it again. Thank you!!

  8. So much inspiration that it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe it’s just to go to my craft room and see what I can be inspired by. Thanks!

  9. Great idea to have a craft party blog! Love all the beautiful works of inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

  10. So many beautiful blogs it is taking me many days to go through all these.. Thank you so much i am so inspired and happy!

  11. So much inspiration! I can’t wait to see all the amazing creations. And so glad you did this blog hop to bring joy to so many of us stuck inside.

  12. Stunning cards to kick off.
    Thank you so much for organising this great party full of awedome inspiration.
    Stay safe and have a wonderful crafty day!

  13. Welcome to the super-special and extra epic United We Craft Blog Party. Today we are celebrating our love of crafting with friends even though we can’t be close. We have over 100 participants in this party. You can see the full list HERE .

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