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Happy STAMPtember™ Day 2 everyone!  Today is all about inspiration and education.  We are so pleased and honored that Tim Holtz is celebrating
STAMPtember™ 2012 with us!  Last year it was fun to do a special Q&A with him (that you can find here.)  This year we are thrilled he created a unique tag and let us in on his creative journey LIVE on video.  It’s an extra special treat because you will see him, from start to finish, make the tag. 

Every single time I watch Tim in action I learn loads of new things.  The favorite new cool thing I learned in this video is that it really does make a difference how you apply your ink to your stamps.  Depending on what effect you are going for….watch and you’ll see.  Be sure to turn the volume up extra high.  Tim’s creative excellence goes even further than the tag in this video…just watch…and listen :)  I hope you love this as much as I do…..

Supplies used:

And a bonus…. in celebration of STAMPtember™, Tim has a special coupon code on his blog today that will give you a discount on all of your Tim Holtz Stamps!  Pretty cool, huh?  When you finish his video, pop over to his blog.

Tim has been creating Tags for the 12 months of 2012. Be sure to check out September’s Tag! It has a cool industrial faux riveted metal look. Check out each step of the metal distress process. FUN! OH YEAH!

Tim’s stamps are manufactured in Ohio not too far from our Simon Says Stamp offices.  Ted and Michelle Cutts are the lovely owners of Stampers Anonymous and kudos to them for dedicating their entire lives to rubber stamps.  Ted and Michelle actually lived in a little apartment inside their production facility for several years after they first got married.  Their kids often travel around the country working Stamp Tradeshows as a family.  Total and complete dedication.  ….And they are 2 of the nicest people you ever will meet!   Pictured below are Mario, Michelle, Tim, and Ted.

Do you follow Mario on Twitter?  (mariojrossi)  His Behind the Scene (BTS) of his journey is pure and often times, hilarious!  Mario is absolutely committed to bringing you the real behind the scenes.  Last week he showcased a picture of Tim multitasking at its finest that caused quite the ruckus!  It’s great fun to see photos of their travel destinations while hard at work stamping all around the world.

This journey of Simon Says Stamp is my life and we are blessed to work in an industry with incredible good people like Tim, Mario, Michelle, and Ted.  I have the pleasure of working alongside my husband and business partner, Jason, every day.  My heart is full of joy because our son Jaxon (who just turned 5) delights in “crafting”.  It’s something extra special we can do side by side.  He enjoys watching Tim’s Youtube videos for hours on end.   A few weeks ago, Jaxon was able to watch Tim Demo live at the “Stampaway” convention in Cincinnati.  He was totally and completely captivated.  He is just finishing up an extra special inking project that we will be sharing soon.  (keyword: INKY!)  These are the good things folks. Sharing what we love with those that we love.

Have you been able to get inky yet?  Are you finding time to stamp? Either alone and especially with friends, it’s such a good thing. 

I hope you feel inspired today and are able to find the time to create!
Happy STAMPtember™!

 Heidi and our Simon Family

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