Technique Tuesday’s SASSY STAMPtember® Exclusive: You’re Not Normal

Technique Tuesday STAMPtember Exclusive

Hi friends! Happy STAMPtember® Technique Tuesday! We’ve got a super fun exclusive for you today, that I must admit, made me laugh out loud when I first read through the sentiments! We hope they gave you a chuckle too, and remember, if you love it… Technique Tuesday’s Sassy edition of You’re Not Normal is available in a limited quantity! Scroll on below for some sassy inspiration and enjoy!

Technique Tuesday Sassy You're Not Normal


Thanks for joining us today!  We’d love to hear which of these sentiments made you giggle………. I really like the “I prefer happy with a twist”  :)

  1. This is an awesome set. So many great sentiments. Bummed I missed out on it. It was sold out before my daily SSS e-mail hit my account. Now that’s a popular set!

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