Summer School with Laura Bassen


Hello and welcome to another day of summer school! Can you believe that we’re already at day 4?!

Today’s teacher is the super talented and funny Laura Bassen! Laura is using the new Lunchbox Notes stamps and dies from the Teacher’s Pet release to create adorable little cards to include in her kids lunches this year! ;)


Rather than just creating flat panel cards, Laura made small, top-folding white cards and then adhered the diecut scalloped square over top. I love the bright colors of cardstock she used for for all of her cards and the great way she embellished each one with different elements from the stamp set. She even made a mini little shaker card! ;)


To make the fun designs stand out even more on her card, Laura used foam adhesive on the focal areas to pop them off the front of her card. Such a great way to add more dimension to these adorable little cards!

To see how Laura created her card, you can watch the video below.

Summer School wouldn’t be complete without the chance to win some crafty school supplies, right!?


Just leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite subject was in school! Did you love numbers and enjoy math, or were you most happy when your head was buried in a good book? We can’t wait to hear!

Leave your comment here by August 10, 2014 and we’ll randomly select a winner to win the prize pack shown above!

See you tomorrow for the last day of class!


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  1. I just adore this set! Thanks for sharing different ideas for using them. Enjoyed the kids’ reactions! My favorite subject was English and I’d still rather read than just about anything…’cept crafting, of course!

  2. Your kids are such good sports!
    My favorite subject in school was anything having to do with reading and writing. I still prefer essay-style exams now that I’m back in college.

  3. I think math was my favorite subject in the beginning and the art. Now anything dealing with color and texture really catches my eye. What a great prize giveaway.

  4. I need to start putting cards like these in my girls’ lunches. My favorite classes were Advanced Algebra and Microbiology. Great teachers. Hats off to them!!

  5. Oh no, still can’t retain numbers! My favorite subject was English. My nose is stoll buried in a book, 50 years later.

  6. I love these, no kids to give them to, but I think they’d make cute little notes for coworkers as we get back into the school year :)

  7. These are so cute and I enjoy seeing how much the kids loved them. I’m doing weekly card with notes for my kids and they were excited to receive their first one this week. My fav subject was reading ( loved going to library) and Art ( which is why I’m so creative now) lol =)

  8. I just love this set who doesn’t need a little pick me up to make there day better also thanks for the video as well

  9. Adorable kids, so great to add their reactions to your video. Thanks for sharing that.
    My favorite subject was Social Studies.

  10. Dang! Wish my kids weren’t all grown and flown! But wait! Grandkids!! This set is going on my gotta-get list! Thanks for the inspiration, Laura!

  11. Love the mini shaker card! My favorite subject was math, but looking back now I completely appreciate my English teacher and the standards that she made us all stick too. She was tough!
    I’m thinking these lunch box notes would be great for leaving in my hubby’s lunch too

  12. My favorite subject was social studies! I loved learning about people and their cultures. I was and still am terrible at math and science!

  13. Math was at the bottom of my list–LOL! Good thing I only needed basic algebra for nursing! I liked English & reading. Adorable shaker card!

  14. I LOVE this die set!! My favorite course in school was “recess”. LOL Really, I enjoyed everything except History. For some reason remembering dates was not my thing.. Great ideas on all the cute little cards. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I was an avid reader. Loved the Laura Ingalls Wilder “Little House of the Prairie” and “Black Beauty” books.

  16. My favorite subject was usually English, or whatever classes I had with my friends. Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Favorite class? Why art, of course!
    Second favorite? History!
    Not so hot on art history classes… boring.

  18. My favorite subject was biology – always loved anything about plants and animals. And a close second was any class where I got to make something – Home Ec, Shop, Art – go figure LOL!

  19. Loved your kids responses to your wonderful cards! And I want to make a mini shaker. :)

    My favorite subject was math, still love math. After college I had my sisters save their college math books so I could work through them. Weird, I know.

  20. I just ordered the dies and should receive them on Monday! I’m totally making shaker notes for my daughters lunchbox!

    My favorite subject in school is math. I remember I struggled with it in 2nd or 3rd grade and my teacher gave me flash cards to practice multiplication and division over the summer. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed it more than any other subjects.

  21. Always loved English and History and later on Chemistry…. Those sweet cards are the best and I need all the new stamps and dies!

  22. Favorite subject was English! Now I’m the grammar police correcting everyone’s grammar in my head!

  23. My favorite subject was always math. I just “got” it. It was logical and made sense…in my world that often didn’t otherwise make sense! Unfortunately, I never knew I was an artist until my 30’s! Lol!

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