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  1. I live too far away, on the Eastern side of PA. But if you;’d like to throw in a plane ticket to attend the event, I’ll start packing. Do I hear a yes????????Hmmmm, I kind of thought not, but a girl can wish really hard!

  2. Wish I could be there also…..but living in the Pacific Northwest one does not have that advantage. Have fun everybody ! ! !

  3. I would love to visit your store I wish I lived closer. Even better I wish there was a store one block away for me although for my checkbook maybe it’s better that there isn’t. I do enough damage on the net

  4. I would love to stop by and see your store and create something. However, it is too far, but if sometime we are traveling and will be in the area, you can bet that I will stop in. Thanks.

    Linda D.

  5. Spent today at the event. It was awesome. Lots of Create & Take stations and a pop up store stocked with all the best goodies. You will not want to miss this.

  6. I wish I could be there–but alas, too far away! I think I’d fill a suitcase with purchases if I were there.

  7. Just returned from an AMAZING day of Create and Takes — THANK YOU so much for providing this opportunity to those of us who weren’t able to attend the full event. Meeting the designers from companies I love absolutely made my year! Loved being able to shop and actually see/feel products…must say I dropped “a few” $$, but so well worth it!!!

  8. What an amazing event. I too, was unable to attend full event, but absolutely loved the opportunity to shop the store, and make some adorable make and takes! Just learned about this store and event in last week, and so happy to be able to take part. Thank you!

  9. I am here! My crafting friend and I drove down from Michigan. We were so eager for the experience. Even if the classes were sold out we vowed to make purchases that would avail us of the opportunity to participate in the make and takes. The conditions were un-clear regarding the required $50 purchase and how that purchase transferred to attendance in the advertised make and takes. My friend and I asked more than one person wearing the Simon Says aprons how we should proceed. AFTER I made a $160 purchase Friday evening I was informed that I would still need to make an additional $50 purchase Sat. in order to be eligible in the make and takes. While there are numerous signs explaining No Returns or Exchanges, there is no signage pertaining to the make and takes. Even after we made management aware of the confusion, NO effort was made to help customers understand the process. My friend and I were given the following explanation: “This is our first event and we didn’t know what to expect.” It’s unfortunate Simon Says doesn’t understand the impact of strong customer service and support!

  10. I wasn’t able to make the whole event but came down for the Saturday Make and takes from Michigan and to do a little (alot of) shopping.
    Met alot of my favorite youtube card makers and had a really great time!! Next year I vow to do the whole event! It was that fun..

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