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Hi readers! We are now in Day 2 in our biggest self hosted event in company history!

Unfortunately the classes themselves have sold out, but we do have an on site store that is open to the public! If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say, Hi! We’d love to meet you!

Here’s a little sneak peek of our store…

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.46.23 AM

The store is open today from: 10am to 6pm


Northpointe Hotel and Conference Center
100 Green Meadows Drive South
Columbus, Ohio 43035


FAQ about Northpointe

Hope to see you there!

    … wish I could come and play and shop and have FUN with you!!!

  2. Live in MN but if I did stop by and say Hi, I am sure I would max my credit card with all those delicious supplies. Hey I would even ask Jennifer McGuire or Kristina Werner to go shopping with me. Have fun and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Stopped by – twice – yesterday and picked up lots of amazing goodies!! Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. Hope you do this again!!

  4. Hello from Canada! I wish I lived closer and could have joined you. Maybe it’s time for a road trip! ;-)

  5. I think it’s awesome (and not too surprising) that your classes sold out. If it weren’t the weekend of endless busy-ness I might have tried to travel to Ohio from Illinois to come, but alas the timing is not good for me. I hope you have lots of fun and success this weekend and maybe you’ll do it again when I can join in (OK that probably won’t be until both my kids are out of high school, but a girl can dream, right?)

  6. It’s a little far for me to go shopping, but I would definitely love to go shopping in your fabulous store!!!! :)

  7. Ooohhhh I bet Kristina Werner is there!! Saw on her blog she went to Columbus, OH!! Dang wish your storefront was in Florida … I certainly would find a way to shop!! Just received monthly kit today and can’t wait to “play”!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I wish I was in Ohio!! Please set up a store in Milwaukee, WI! I’d be there every weekend! On second thought, I would go broke if you had a store here. I would love t take some classes. Thanks for torturing me with all that yummy crafty goodness, I mean sharing with me…. lol

  9. Wish I could’ve come to your event. Will try to get into the next one you have, hopefully. Love all the photos on IG. Thanks so much.

  10. I so wish I still lived in Ohio- I would have been there in a heartbeat!
    Please come to Southern California!

  11. Surf blue is lovely I agree! Wish I could stop at store today but didn’t plan ahead enough!

  12. ….I am so envious of all those who are attending CREATE and sure hope that NEXT year I can make it too!! It sold out so fast, I didn’t even had time to find flights, before it was too late. I also would love to be stopping by to do a bit of shopping….it looks like Simon Says Stamp “Christmas” to me and I’m sure I would have returned home with an empty wallet.

    When you do plan for the big event next year….please give us all a little extra warning, so we can make travel plans, especially those who are not close by!! I would also LOVE to meet so many of the designers and know it would have been awesome to be there!!!

    PS: The Blue is stunning….I still think these would make great kits and would sell like hotcakes…hint hint!!

  13. I am hoping this is the right place! I want to thank you for sponsoring Just Jingle and her hop!!

  14. …discovered CREATE a bit to late to attend. Hope you can do it again next year….I’d love to come shop, create and meet the designers!

  15. Your shop looks awesome. Wish we had your store down here in Australia. Love Simon Says stamps, dies, inks in fact just about everything!!! Cheers

  16. Had a great time at SSS CREATE 2014!!!!!!!! Came home with cards and amazing projects. Have to finish my portfolio collaging and embellishing. Hubby loved the configurations shadowbox (especially the lighted lantern). Came home with bags of freebies and of course purchases. Thanks to Tiffany and crew for help with online buys and super quick deliveries between classes. I’m still sorting thru the bags and oohing a& ahhing over all the items. Thanks to all the SSS crew both in the classrooms, demo stations and in the store. There were familiar faces from StampAway and the Ohio area and new friends from around the country. A great time had by all. Heidi – hope you decide to do this again next year. The Northpointe facility was great – their staff was very helpful.

  17. Oh it looks like a great store wish I could be there to do some shopping but I’m waving to you from hot, hot phoenix AZ good luck to you!

  18. Thank you SSS for the absolutely wonderful, exciting, crazy, stressful, friend making and learning, learning and exceptional teachers! Just so thankful to have met so many SSS employees. Tina was a life saver more than once for me and Tiffany……..well lady…you ROCK!

    I can’t say enough about the teachers. All of them wonderful and so willing to share their time with you and photo ops and……………..It was just wonderful!

    Northpointe was a beautiful hotel to stay at and all of the staff was so helpful.

    The SSS store was……..well………I left a lot of money there! ROTFLOL!

    Early notice would be wonderful if you decide to do this next year. Heidi, this was the best organized event I have ever been to. Your time, energy and thoughtfulness showed throughout all of this, as did you staff!

    A special thanks to Patti K. for coming through with the exacto knife and paper piercing tool.

    A funny side note: They waned my suitcase at the Columbus airport. Guess what they couldn’t figure out….my Corner Chomper. Once it was taken out of the suitcase it went through just fine. I did have to laugh over this though, after my worry about the scissors.

    Thank you for making a dream come true for me…………………

  19. I had a great time and spent lots of $ at the store yesterday. Worth the 2 hr drive each way. I hope you agree to do this again. Next time I will sign up for classes. All of the demonstators and SSS employees were great! Learned new techniques and can’t wait to use them. Well organized and lots of fun! Also great location! It was nice to meet everyone!

  20. I couldn’t make it and I know I’ve missed out on a great time. I hope those who made it had enough fun for all of us.

  21. Heidi and staff…super huge hugs and thanks for the best creative event! “Create” has set a new standard for the industry. Your attention to detail, choice of teachers & topics, location, generosity and customer service was stellar. I had a fantastic time and came home charged with inspiration.

  22. Will you do this in the same location next year? I go through the area when driving to see my folks that,I could plan my vacation to pop in.

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