Send a Card to A Friend Day!

Send a Card to a Friend Day

Hi friends! Happy Thursday! Did you know that yesterday (February 7th) was “Send a Card to a Friend” day? We’ve found that many crafters (us included!!) can be guilty of making lots of cards that just accumulate in our homes but are not actually sent out to friends and family. What a shame! On this special holiday, we encourage you to send a card you’ve created but haven’t sent or create a card for a friend and send it to him/her!

It is so important to share our handmade cards. We appreciate the value in sharing kindness with others! In this spirit, we’d like you to share a card that you are sending to a friend this week in our link up below for a chance to win a  $100 gift card! Would you like another chance to win? Pop on over to our Facebook page chance for ANOTHER chance at winning a $100 gift card to our shop by sharing a card you are mailing to a friend this week!

Winners will be drawn next week at random! Good luck!

We can’t wait to see what you’re making and sending!

  1. Actually the entire month of February is International Correspondence Writing Month so I’ve taken up the challenge and I’m going to send a card out every day of the month – or at least try to! It is nice to finally use up all of those cards I’ve been making :) Thanks for your challenge too!

  2. I sent the Twirling Bear to a friend for her
    birthday. Love being able to send love
    through a handmade card.
    thanks for sharing.

  3. I just sent 3 cards out this week to friends. One was a sympathy card and the other two were thinking of you cards. I know it will mean a lot to the friends that get them. I also have some Valentine’s card ready to send. I love to send them to the young ones in our family, they get such a kick out of getting something in the mail.

  4. I made two cards this week for our letter carrier and newspaper delivery. We’re in a cold snap -21C with a forecast of 30cm of snowfall. These people work outside all day, they deserve recognition. The card had a silver die cut ‘Brrrrrr’ with a pair of red and white mittens pointing together, when you lifted the mitten panel a Tim Horton’s gift card was revealed. Underneath stamped “take a break”. Sorry I can’t post a pic.

  5. I am sending out Valentine’s Day cards this week. Always a joy to be able to tell friends and family how much we love them.

  6. What a timely post! I’ve recently been challenging myself to get my cards into friends’ mailboxes (and not just accumulate them in my craft room)!

  7. I send cards just about every week, but didn’t send any yesterday as they weren’t addressed in time. I’ve got several ready to go now, so will link up. Thanks so much for the chance at this very generous prize, SSS!

  8. I am so guilty of not sending the cards I make. I do all occasions, but not just random ones except to my family.

  9. I do not have a stockpile of cards, sometimes I wish I did! I do send a ton of cards and I make them for each person specifically. I do mass produce Christmas cards, I make and send about 75 each year. I think card making is terrific–stress and creative release for me, and sending love to family and friends.

  10. what a fun ‘Day’ – thanks for the chance of winning – it’s a win/win situation all round – yay!!

  11. All the cards are so beautiful! I made and sent a card to a dear friend yesterday who recently lost her grandparent.

  12. I did send TWO cards today. One I posted to your Facebook page, the other I wanted to post here (though I have no idea HOW to do so!). Do I need a special link, or have my own blog?

  13. Oh sorry I added two that won’t let me delete them, I did watch the video to see how to link and still got it wrong. Hope you can fix admin. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. Kind regards Denise

  14. This was the push I needed! I’ve had thus card for almost a year and my friend has been having heart trouble. I’m sending it out NOW to cheer her up!

  15. What a wonderful, kind thought. Will get right to it! Thanks for reminding us to actually SEND something instead of just thinking about it. BTW I went onto your Fb page and it wasn’t on there.

  16. I actually remembered to send some cards this past week and am determined to mail all of my Valentines, as well as a few friendship cards too!

  17. I got a lot done and ready to mail tomorrow with several more I need to write and get ready to mail for Tuesday! I need to start doing this on a monthly basis!!! Thanks for the push

  18. I have sent out more cards this week of “just because” then I have ever have before. I hope they like them.

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